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What is dating site merchant account?

We all know about top dating sites and apps like Tinder, Bumble,, Happen etc. Since online dating is a popular trend, many Offshore payment service providers offer credit card processing to this industry. Still, some do not prefer working in this industry because of few factors like High Chargeback Ratio, reputation damage and the tendency of some fake merchants to use it as a Miscoded solution so that they may sell something else that may not be legal.

Quadrapay works with multiple payment processing companies in USA, Europe and other parts of the world including Asia. With the help of a massive team of our partners, we can find payment processing options for almost every merchant including Dating and Friend finding apps. We recommend EU based solutions as the best merchant accounts for dating sites. For the EU based solution merchant must have an EU incorporation. The EU incorporation can be done after the approval of the account but before starting to accept credit card transactions. Want to know how to quickly get an EU company check this page about forming an EU company in less than $100.

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Do I need a merchant account before I start my Online Dating Website?

Getting a merchant account is an extensive process that involves underwriting. The underwriting team at the payment service providers office or the acquiring bank starts by analyzing the business as per the documents and application provided. Please keep in mind that business must be active before applying for a merchant account. The organization should have a website that clearly shows all the products and services. The underwriters will also ask for the required KYC documents also known as know your customer documents.

So to sum it up we would recommend you to apply for merchant account after starting your business. In case if you are sending an application before starting the business there is a high possibility that the payment service provider may ignore your application. Some payment service providers have internal rules that restrict merchants to re-apply within a specific time frame. If the application declines because of incomplete documents then, later on, it can create challenges when you reapply.

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How to get a dating site payment gateway?

Most of the merchants who offer services in the form of Online Dating websites and Apps can apply to a payment processor by sending a filled merchant account application form with the required KYC documents. Once the team approves the application, then the merchant can swiftly integrate the website with the payment gateway and start accepting the credit card transactions. When you work with a payment service provider, it may be a lot easier for you to integrate your descriptors with chargeback alert and notification services. It can help businesses in reducing the return ratio as well as chargeback ratio.

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Is it best to get a dating site payment gateway directly from a bank?

It is always a good idea to get a merchant account directly from a bank. The immediate benefit which the merchant gets is a better rate of transaction or MDR. The challenge which merchants from online dating industry face is that most of the banks do not prefer to be directly involved in the underwriting process of an online dating merchant. It usually hurts the reputation of the acquiring bank. Third Party Payment Service Providers can play a significant role in onboarding businesses from this high risk category. The PSPs are compliant with the latest card security standards and may also handle some High-Risk applications. Of course, they have to follow the underwriting guidelines and recommendations of the acquiring bank, but they can put additional risk mitigation initiatives that include charging a bigger transaction fee and placing a rolling reserve on the account.

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How To Integrate Credit Card Gateway On Dating Site?

There are multiple ways to integrate a CC Gateway on your dating website. The easiest will be to combine with the help of a plugin. Most processors host ready to use plugins for common CMS like WordPress and Magento on their websites. Merchants can download and upload the plugin to the hosting server. After updating the setting with secure details, sites can start accepting card transactions.

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How to use Credit Cards on Dating Sites for Subscribing to the membership?

The process of using a credit card to complete a transaction on a dating site is quite simple. Once the free account is created the member can upgrade to the premium membership. Once the memberclicks on the link, they fill card information and proceed with the transactions. Sometimes merchant may directly accept transactions on the website but may forward the member to a hosted payment page. This secure hosted payment page is always located on the server of the PSP or Payments service provider. Once the transaction is complete the member is upgraded and the also receives the confirmation email as a proof of service delivery.

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Payment Gateway for Dating Site – Rates and Fees.

Since online dating is a High Risk industry the rates are definitely higher then low risk industries. The rates also increase because online dating websites require multi currency card acceptance. If the merchant has a clean history with very low chargeback ratio and high sales volume the rates can be as low as 3.9%. This rate increases as per the risk profile of the dating merchant.

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What are the components of a merchant service fee?

There are various components involved in the Merchant service fee. These components are always mentioned in the Merchant account agreement signed between the service provider and the merchant. Some of the key components are

  • MDR – Merchant Discount Rate. This is a fixed percentage that a merchant pays for each transaction.
  • Rolling Reserve – If the merchant is considered to be risk-oriented or is considered high risk in nature, then the processor may put a rolling reserve of 5% to 10%.
  • Fixed transaction fee. Some processors also put an additional fixed transaction fee. This fee is mostly less than $1.
  • Set up charges. Some processes or PSPs may charge a setup fee. Fortunately the payment service provider we work with does not charge a setup fee at this point in time.
  • Monthly maintenance charges or annual maintenance charges. Processors also charge this fee sometimes. Most of the time they put these charges on merchants with extremely low sales volume.
  • Chargeback Fee. In case of any dispute where the cardholder contacts the card issuer or Card Brand and raises a chargeback, the processor charges a chargeback fee.
  • Refund fee. In case if the merchant wants to return the transaction to the cardholder, then the merchant may be liable for a return fee.
  • Chargeback Alerts and Notifications. Some processors may use additional value-added services to reduce the return and chargeback ratio. To get this accomplished the utilize services of third party companies that are in the field of Chargeback alerts. Merchants may be subject to additional charges for the same.

Having mentioned all the above charges businesses should not forget to compare the prices with few service providers. Small research can help businesses save hundreds and thousands of dollars in a year time.

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Quadrapay Benefits – Payment Gateway for Dating Site.

  • Zero Setup Charges. No Setup Charges. We do not put the burden of setup fees for dating merchants. Our team will assist the applicants through the application process without charging even a single dollar.
  • We offer fast solutions at low Transaction rates. We have already done the research and found highly economical payment processors for online dating websites.
  • Zero Application Charge. We believe that relationships are built on trust, and we trust our partners. Our team will not ask for any application Charges.
  • Low MDR or Merchant discount Rate. Rates can be as low as 3.9% for merchants processing over 100K Euro or USD per month. Startup Merchants or Merchants with low processing volume may have to pay a bit higher MDR.
  • Dual Level Support. Merchants get the dual level of support. In other words, merchants are free to call the payment service provider as well as Quadrapay for any assistance needed. The processor will be able to answer you better, but we do not mind helping merchants with issues related to API integration and general questions.
  • Multiple Payment Modes For Dating Sites. The more options you offer to your customers the better are the chances of generating sales. Some members may not wish to pay by card but may be OK with echeck or ACH. Offer more options to make more deals. Our team will be happy to help you set up an echeck payment gateway for your dating website. If you want to accept local cards then also our team can help.
  • Recurring Payment Option. Most of the Dating websites and Apps charge a monthly membership fee. This is only possible if the processors allow recurring payment option. We can help merchants accept monthly payments on echeck and card transactions.
  • Chargeback Alert and Notifications. Dating website may be charging a small amount for a subscription, but they also attract high chargebacks. Because of High chargeback ratio, they are considered High risk. With chargeback alert and notifications, merchants can easily reduce fraud and returns.

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Mode of payments for Dating Site Merchant Account

In the age of the internet, dating websites get members from across the world. Some of these members may be from the United States, and others may be from different parts of the world including European Union in Latin America. To make your website or dating app successful, you should offer multiple modes of payment processing to your members. We recommend you to accept all major credit and debit cards along with that you should also accept alternative methods of payment. We recommend you to use ACH, and echeck payment processing solutions for receiving payments from the United States based members. You should also accept local Latin American cards from your customers in South America. If your customers are from China, then you should take local cards like China UnionPay. Receiving payments in different modes will help you to make your online dating project successful.

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Modes of Customer Service for Dating Websites?

Most of the websites offer support to their customers over the web, chat, email, and phone. Most of the companies refer the customers to the payment service providers support system for questions related to transactions. The Payment service providers prefer to handle transactional queries so that they may reduce the return and chargeback ratio.

The application process for dating site merchant account

The application process of getting a dating site merchant account is simple. Merchant fills the application form also known as merchant account application. In this application form, the merchant fills essential details that include the name of the Directors, Company location, Phone number etc. A section of this application form also requires the merchant to fill in the projected monthly sales volume as well as minimum and maximum ticket size. After filling the application the Merchant sends the form to the payment service provider or the merchant acquiring company. The acquiring company also asks the merchant to send the KYC documents also known as know your customer document. Here a few of the KYC documents are listed

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KYC/KYM for dating site merchant account

This asks for a huge list of business-related documents that may include

  • Business license.
  • Business bank statement
  • Utility bills of the business Premises.
  • Utility Bills of the company Directors.
  • Voided Cheque or letter of good standing from the bank where the business does banking.

Once the acquiring company gets the application along with KYC documents, they start the underwriting and risk analysis. The acquiring company audits the dating website and also does different verification and background checks on the directors. It may also include performing a Credit check. If everything works well, then the merchant gets a merchant account agreement. After reading the terms and condition and clauses on the merchant account agreement the merchant signs all the pages and sends the agreement back to the processor. The processor activates the account after getting the signed agreement. The Merchant integrates the gateway to the dating website and starts accepting transactions.

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Why Are Dating Disclaimer Statements Important?

Dating websites depend on a lot on user-generated content. What is the material is offensive or Illegal? Most website owners do random checks on the content but to be on the safer side its recommended to declare your terms correctly. In the disclaimer statement, you can mention what you are responsible for and for what user is responsible. You should also indicate that your website should not be used for escort listing and posting of pictures that promote nudity. As a responsible webmaster, every merchant should try to keep the site secure and clean. Upscale dating websites are very particular about the hygiene of the content.

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Approval Time frame for dating site merchant account

Most of the time the approval depends a lot  upon the proactiveness of the merchant. if the merchant proactively provides all the required documents  and the application form to the processor then the application should not take more than 324 working days to be approved.  sometimes the underwriting team Mein request for additional documents and this may delay the approval process. A better way to be ready for the underwriting would be to make your website 100% compliant to the requirements of the payment service provider.  most payment service providers list the website compliance requirements on the motion application.

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How can Online Dating Merchants deal with credit card fraud?

The best way to deal with fraud is to increase your defense. Before capturing transactions most high risk merchants prefer to verify the authenticity of the transaction. This can be done by implementing various steps

  • Check IP Address. Check if the IP address location is similar to the billing address location. If it does not match do a phone verification.
  • Ask for Esign Agreements. Yes, that’s correct you must sign an agreement regarding the product and service delivery terms with the buyer or customer.
  • If you think a transaction to be fraud, put it on hold. Ask the customer to send a copy of any national id. This will help you to validate the genuineness of the order.
  • Chargeback alerts and Fraud filtering services. These services are offered by many companies. Select the one that works best for you.

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Online dating merchant account & industry overview

59% of all internet users agree that online dating is an effective way to meet individuals. Source Pew Research. There are thousands of dating websites and apps. These platforms help people to find like-minded individuals. Since they all are adults they can further decide how to take the relationship further. The world is facing a transformation. In every nation, the concept of nuclear family is picking up. Adults prefer to stay away from their parents to enjoy the space and freedom. This gives them the freedom to search for like-minded individuals by using various dating websites and apps. These websites and mobile apps implement various rules and filters to increase the level of effectiveness of the platform. A dating website is different from Escort listing sites. Most of the website admins declare clearly that they do not allow escorts profile posting. Few platforms only connect two people when both like each other this is done to maintain the privacy and increase the match quality.

So in simple terms, Online Dating companies offer a platform to connect people for casual and long-term relationship development. Sites like and are the best example of successful online dating companies. The mobile app Tinder is one of the highest downloaded dating App on google play store.

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How To Compare merchant account for dating sites?

Becoming a member of any site requires a small investment. This investment may be small, but it’s always a good idea to compare the options. When choosing the website to signup for try to check them on these parameters.

  • How Old Is The Platform?. Older websites are considered to have more members. The more the members, the more the choices you will have. Try to find the member base as per language and geography. There is no point in signing up on a dating site if the language of communication is different from yours.
  • Free Trial Sites. Many online dating websites offer a free trial. It can be advantageous for new members. New members can evaluate the quality of singles listed. Once the member finds the site to be of good quality, then the member can upgrade to a full dating membership.

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What Is Online Adult Dating Service Website?

These websites work like a bridge between people who look forward to finding like-minded individuals. All dating websites are only for people above 18. People join these websites by filling the registration form. They validate the email by clicking on the validation email. Some websites may also ask for phone number verification. Members update the profile by creating a bio and uploading images. Sites may allow people to search members but to connect, with members they may have to pay a subscription charge. Some dating sites only allow members to contact if both parties have shown interest in each other.

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Miscoding A Big Challenge For Genuine Dating Websites

Some fraudsters portray running a dating website but once approved they start offering services like escort listing or Personal services. Escort listing on a dating website is a violation of the Dating Site Merchant Account Agreement. Once the processor finds out that the merchant is involved in similar activities, then the merchant account can be terminated without any notice.

How To Find Dating Sites That Accepts Credit Card as a Mode of Payment?

Sometimes a visitor may try to find only those websites that offer membership with credit cards. To do this the best way is to search for “Dating Website Pay by Card” on google search. Most of the search results will be for a website that offers online dating services and accepts the card as the preferred mode of payment processing. The other way will be to look at various dating website and find the logos of card brands. Most PSPs require merchants to show the card brands that can be accepted.

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How To Find Cheap credit card processing for dating sites?

Businesses prefer to maximize the profit by reducing the cost, and that is why it is a good idea to identify the cheapest available Credit Card processing solution in the market. To identify the cheapest solution we would recommend you to contact multiple payment service providers or acquiring banks and understand the price difference as per the transaction fee, set up charges, per transaction fixed fee, rolling reserve, monthly fees, wire fee and termination charges. Once you get these details from multiple service providers you should do an analysis based on a fix processing volume. You can use Excel sheet to easily view the differences in the overall cost of operation as per each service provider. As a business owner, it is your right to negotiate with the service provider. Based on your previous processing statement and financial statement the accounting department and the underwriting department may go ahead and relook at the rates that you were offered before.

How to start accepting card payments for my dating website?

To accept payments on your dating website you can use a Credit Card or ACH solution. Making multiple payment modes available for your customers will ensure a high number of transactions. Members who do not prefer to use their cards for transactions can use ACH as an alternative mode. We are glad to announce that our company works with service providers from both domains. Both solutions are available for Europe based merchants selling in united states. The Card solution is global and merchants can sell services in many countries. Once your account is live then the processor will help you with the integration process. With card solution, you will be able to accept orders over the website and by using payment link on the email. With ACH or echeck you can accept orders over the phone and website as it comes with Virtual Terminal and Moto Option.

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