5 Essential Benefits Of Digital Goods Payment Gateway

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Digital Goods Payment Gateway By Quadrapay

Take Your Business Sales Sky-High With Digital Goods Payment Gateway

The way of shopping is now totally changed. It was a time when people usually drive miles and go to a retail store and purchase the products. But now in 2020, the shopping experience is upgraded to the digital platform. In fact, this made it easier for customers as well as business merchants. Thanks to the latest trends in technology and paperless payment processing solutions. As per an analysis, it is concluded that online sales in the USA of digital goods amounted to 366 billion US dollars and the same is predicted to surpass more than 700 billion US dollars worth sales by the end of 2024. Now you can also apply for a digital goods payment gateway with Quadrapay. The application procedure is easy and smooth.

What Is A Digital Goods Payment Gateway?

To understand the usage of a digital goods payment gateway lets considers a scenario. A customer visits your business website and adds several numbers of product to purchase them, and clicks on to proceed further to buy now. After hitting, the customer will be redirected to the highly secured checkout page where the customers need to provide payment method details like card information or e-wallet or any necessary information which is required to complete the transaction. But what if there is no such secured environment or payment gateway on your website? The customer will not be able to pay for the items that are added into the cart, and you as a business merchant can not be able to get sales and profits.
That is why you need a digital goods payment gateway which makes your online selling business complete.

Frequently Asked Questions For Payment Gateway

Q. Is It Easy To Get Digital Goods Payment Gateway?

It is easy to apply and get approval for a payment gateway for digital goods. But in some cases, it becomes difficult to get approval or even face several denies like in the case of a high risk ecommerce business. If your business comes under a risky business category, then you might need a reliable payment processor who can provide you digital goods payment gateway because most of the general banks might not provide your approval for that. At Quadrapay, you can fill the single application form by which you can get better processing solutions like a credit card, Echeck/ACH, e-wallets and bitcoins as well.

Q. Is It Expensive To Get A Payment Gateway For Online Business?

For an online payment processing solution, a business merchant needs to pay some processing charges for transactions. This might look like an expense, but in the actual scenario, it is like an investment you do on your business to get maximum profits. With the help of online payment gateway, your customers can seamlessly pay for the purchased digital goods and services. This makes a fully automated business solution, as well.

Q. Will There Any Assistance To Integrate Digital Goods Payment Gateway?

We also understand that there are a lot of business owners that are new to digital payment processing and might not much familiar with the technical terms. That is why provide 24*7 technical assistance support which will provide you proper guidance for integration of payment gateway with your eCommerce website. In technical terms, you will be provided with an API which will be integrated with your business website.

Q. Can I Accept Multiple Currencies With Payment Gateway?

Yes!, We at Quadrapay have a wide range of payment processing solution for every business needs. If a business has excellent exposure to services at global parameters, we offer multi currency payment processing solutions. This helps an offshore business to seamlessly accept digital payments from the customers at any place of the globe.

For more information on the digital good payment gateway, you can mail us at [email protected].

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Naman Verma
Naman Verma