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Expand Your Business With Digital Payment Service

Businesses looking to go online and expand their reach must have a robust framework and a brilliant unique idea which spreads globally. There might be many challenges when you come to an online world. One such problem is to find Digital Payment Services. To choose a payment solution for your business, understand your business requirement. There are many solutions that work well for one industry but fails to fulfil the requirements of another. We at Quadrapay helps merchants to choose the right payment gateway for their businesses and help them with smooth on-boarding. Let’s have a quick discussion on various types of payment services and which works well for most industry type.

Get To Know Various Digital Payment Modes And Choose The Best For Your Business

  • Credit Card Solution: With credit card payment solutions, your business will be able to accept payments from via well known cards online. To receive credit and debit cards payments from your customers, you need a merchant account. It is a special type of account which is provided by a payment processor to merchants. The account is a consent between the retailer or business owner, the merchant bank and the payment service provider. The advantages of Credit Card Payment Processing Solutions are :
  1. Customers prefer to pay via credit cards.
  2. It increases sales volume.
  3. Secure and Reliable.
  4. Expands Customer Base.
  5. Compete with your Competitors.
  • Echeck: Electronic Check abbreviated as Echeck is an electronic or digital form of physical check. Echecks are processed through ACH or Automated Clearing House network. Echeck payment processing can be the best option for those who deal with ample physical checks. The processing time is usually within 24hrs, and transactional fees are low if compared to that of credit card processing.
  • ACH: Automated Clearing House abbreviated as ACH is somewhat the same as Echeck. ACH is subjected to NACHA rules and regulations. It is a very popular electronic fund transfer system in the USA. The ACH payments are processed in batches through the ACH network. The network connects all the financial institutes having ACH service across the nation. The settlement time can be from 3-5 working days. This digital payment mode is very popular because it offers a smooth onboarding process with lower transactional fees. This payment solution can be the best option for those merchants who are indulged in high-risk business and find it difficult to get a High Risk Merchant Account.
  • Prepaid Card: We at Quadrapay offer a special prepaid card known as Genie Prepaid Card to US citizen. It is a physical card that can be shipped free of cost to US citizens who order it and has a physical address in US. They can use it like a regular debit card and enjoys several benefits like the card can be used across the world in multiple countries just like debit cards and works like a bank account for those who didn’t have a bank account. If you also want to have this card and enjoy the benefits, you should be a US citizen with a permanent physical address and Social security Number(SSN).
  • POS: Point of Sale abbreviated as POS is a payment solution for the retails store. Pos can accept credit, debit and even prepaid cards to accept payments from the customer physically. POS has an inbuilt invoicing feature which helps the retailer to give transaction receipt to the customer.
  • Virtual Terminal: Virtual Terminal, also known as MOTO or Mail Order Telephone Order which helps the merchant to accept payments over the phone call. Most of the low risk merchants with good history can get mail order merchant account.
  • Recurring Payment Service: This helps your business to charge a customers card or account at a recurring basis.
  • Merchant Cash Advance: It is funding solution for merchants who are looking for immediate funding. The service is well for those merchants who need a fund to grow their business, and in return, they agree upon a proportion of the daily revenue. You can read our dedicated article on Merchant Cash Advance.

Why Consider Quadrapay For Getting Digital Payment Services?

Because we are experienced and know well, which industry requires what payment solution. We have helped merchants from many industries with different risk factors who are now a happy customers of ours. Our solution helps them to process online payments smoothly. We also provide merchants with Chargeback Alerts which help them to reduce chargeback ratio and improve their sales profit. Some of the attributes of our solution are:

  • Easy Integration
  • Lower Transaction Rates
  • Multi-Currency And Multi-Cards Payment Acceptance.
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Fully PCI-Compliant Payment Gateway
  • Charge-back Alert And services
  • 24×7 Customer Support

Get A Digital Payment Solution To Go Online With Quadrapay

We have discussed various payment solutions a merchant can opt for according to their business requirements. A merchant can also opt for more than one payment solution for their business because offering your customer with a diversified payment solution helps you to grow your business with customer satisfaction. Still, confused which payment options fit best for your business? Don’t worry! Fill the merchant application form here, and we will analyze your business and help you to choose one of the best payment methods. Our expert will get back to you as soon as we receive your application and assist you in the on-boarding process. You will experience a smooth on-boarding and will start accepting online payments with ease.

If you have any query, feel free to get in touch with us at [email protected].

Happy Processing !!!