Direct Debit Payment

Direct Debit Payment Solution In 10 Plus Nations

Quadrapay now offers a Direct Debit Payment solution through one of its reliable processing partners located in North America. This payment model work as a faster alternative to ACH and Echeck payments in the United States of America. Our team is happy to announce that our processing partner has got the capability of offering Direct Debit payment solution in various countries including United States, UK, Switzerland, Spain, PolandNetherland, Mexico, Italy, Hungary, Germany, Canada, France, Belgium, Austria and Australia. This solution can work as an excellent domestic payment mode wherein the Merchant receives the payment most of the times within 60 seconds. Isn’t that faster than the conventional ACH and echeck payment modes that are available in the United States of America. Merchants from various Industries can apply with our payment processing partner the application process is straight forward, and the solution can integrate with well known website platforms.

Direct Debit Payments And The Transaction Flow On An E-commerce Website

  1. The customers select the product and navigate to the checkout section on the E-commerce website.
  2. After filling the necessary information, the customer chooses the payment mode.
  3. Here they will have to select direct debit as the mode of transaction.
  4. After clicking on the direct debit payment options, customers will be asked to choose their bank and further submit a username and password. To ensure that this transaction is secure and is not being misused by any fraudster, the account holder will receive a notification over the email and SMS. After authenticating the transaction by utilising a one-time password that will be available in the notification email and SMS, the entire process will complete.
  5. If everything works well, the customer will get the receipt of the payment, and the Merchant will get the confirmation information.

High Risk Merchant Accounts With Direct Debit Payment Facility.

If you are a merchant who is classified as high risk by your domestic acquiring banks for local payment, then direct debit can be an excellent solution for you. Merchants from Industries like Gaming, European cryptocurrency exchanges, CBD oil and licensed MMJ dispensaries are usually declined for credit and debit card processing. These merchants who prefer to accept payments from customers located in the same country can undoubtedly evaluate the direct debit payment solution. To get more information about how your company can take maximum advantage of this solution, please send us an email on [email protected]. Our team will connect you with the processing partner that will guide you with the acquiring process.

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