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Everyone must be heard about the term direct payment services or direct debit payment, but there are only a few people who know the meaning and working mechanism of it. That is why now we are helping you out to guide and provide you with the best solution for your business.
Direct Payment Services are also referred to be as PAD (pre-authorized debit) or PAP (pre-authorized payment) methods under direct debit. In this, a pre-authorized settlement of funds is paid directly towards a financial institution or a business/company. Funds are automatically debited from the bank account as per the pre-authorized instructions so that the same can be used to pay off utility bills and other regular expenses to achieve better organization of payments. Quadrapay is one of the best merchant account and payment processing solution provider. Now get fast approval on business merchant accounts.

How Do Direct Payment Services Work?

Direct payment services are used to pay for regular basis payments like a health insurance premium. In this, the funds get auto settled with the company or service provider. Direct debit makes it easier for a person or organization to seamlessly pay for the services that need to be paid on a regular basis so that you never miss out any payment exceeding its last day of payment.
Countries that are under the European Union are processed under SEPA (single euro payments area) which makes cross border euro-denominated and local euro payments. For those people that are from the United States can take advantage of ACH (automated clearing house) network for direct debit funds settlement.
The direct payment services and standing instructions are not the same because indirect debits, the company whom the funds are being paid can change the amount and the payment period. Any such changes will be notified to the payer as well through an email or a phone call.

How To Initialize The Process Of ACH Direct Payment Gateway?

In order to start paying through direct payment services, a business to finalize the number of funds to be debited and the fixed interval at which the funds will be debited. In the case of a variable payment, it is required to check for the funds as well before it being debited from the account. After finalizing all the pre-requisite, a payment request is generated as per the information provided.

The flow for an eCommerce website business are as follows:

  • The customer selects their products and adds them to the online virtual cart.
  • The customer moves to the website checkout page for payment.
  • The customer has to select the direct debit for ACH direct payment gateway.
  • After selecting ACH direct payment services option, the customer will be required to provide bank account details and other validation credentials to have a secure payment processing experience. After completing the authentication procedures, the payment process will be completed, and the same will be notified through the email or SMS.

How To Apply For ACH Direct Payment Gateway For High-Risk Businesses?

For a high-risk business, it can be little challenging to get a merchant account in Europe and payment processing solutions. But now with Quadrapay, you do not have to worry in terms of looking for the merchant account provider and possible solutions. We will provide you with the best payment processing solutions for your business so that you can avail the maximum number of sales and business profits. We provide specialized processing solution for high-risk businesses like CBD Oil, forex merchants and offshore merchant account.

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