Can online stores accept Electronic Checks?

Merchant Services Q&ACan online stores accept Electronic Checks?
Bankim Chandra Staff asked 4 months ago
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Bankim Chandra Staff answered 4 months ago

Absolutely. Websites that are performing business online can accept payments in multiple ways. They can undoubtedly accept payments by utilising electronic checks as a preferred mode of taking money from customers. Numerous check processing companies allow businesses to receive account information on the merchant website. With this solution, the amount is deducted from the customer’s bank account. It is moved to the merchants business bank account.
To accept electronic cheque payments online, The merchant must get approved for cheque processing account. Once the approval is done, the processing company will provide integration information. Most processors offer readymade plugins for well-known content management systems including WordPress Magento and Woocomerce etc.
If custom integration is needed. The API information can be utilised to create a script and perform transactions on the business website.
Customers can make check payments online and over the phone as these gateways provide API and Virtual terminal/moto.