How chargebacks can affect UK high risk merchant account?

Merchant Services Q&AHow chargebacks can affect UK high risk merchant account?
Bankim Chandra Staff asked 7 months ago
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Bankim Chandra Staff answered 7 months ago

Now that you understand about processors let’s quickly know how you can keep your chargeback to sales ratio under the prescribed limit. Most of the credit card brands do not allow merchants to cross one per cent of chargeback ratio. This can create severe challenges for high risk merchants. If the merchant wishes to continue processing payments, then he must implement the best practices. Proper communication with the customer helps businesses in developing a long-term and healthy relationship with the buyer. The merchant must have a support phone number. This phone number should be active 24 hours a day. Your UK customers must have access to the support line. If any of your customers have issues, then you must resolve the issue on priority. Apart from offering better customer service we also recommend you to use chargeback alerts and notifications services. Well, known CDRN companies provide these services. Merchants may get alerts regarding disputes raised by credit card holders. Most of the times customers will get alert in near real-time. After getting the alerts merchant can contact the cardholder and try to resolve the problem. Most service providers will offer a time frame of 24 to 72 hours; The merchant can either retain the customer or initiate the refund within this time frame. In case the merchant wishes to fight the chargeback case then he can do the same. Send us an email on [email protected] if you have questions regarding High Risk Merchant Account UK.