How do I process CBD payments?

Merchant Services Q&ACategory: CBD Merchant AccountHow do I process CBD payments?
Bankim Chandra Staff asked 8 months ago
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Bankim Chandra Staff answered 8 months ago

To Process CBD Oil Payments, you will need a processing solution. Below mentioned are the options that you may use to accept CBD Oil Payments.

  • Domestic USA CBD Oil Merchant Account. In the united states, you can approach local processing companies and get a domestic merchant account. Let us be honest here and tell you this way may not be easy as most banks don’t want to associate with CBD oil industry. However, you may be lucky to find one. You can approach a payment processor that on boards USA based CBD merchants.
  • Domestic USA Echeck And ACH Processing Account For CBD Sales. It is the second solution on the list. With this solution, merchants can accept ach payments if the payer has a USA ABA and Routing Number. Some processor may charge the transaction charges initially(Prepaid), and some may demand from the collected funds(Postpaid).
  • Offshore merchant account for CBD oil. Many international payment processing companies that are approved for high-risk industries and operate for the global region may be interested in evaluating your application. However, these solutions may be expensive if you don’t reach the correct processor directly. If you contact them indirectly, please be aware that every connected party will keep adding their margin of profit and this way the hole in your pocket may get bigger. The advantage of Quadrapay is that we work directly with CBD payment providers. This way, you get the right to negotiate with them directly.
  • Cbd Payment Processor in Europe. These only work with CBD oil merchants in the EU and EEA region. For this kind of solution, the merchant must have the following.
  1. An EU Based CBD Oil Company.
  2. Directors must be EU/EEA passport holders.
  3. The company must have EU/EEA physical office.
  4. Products must have the THC concentration within the approved EU/EEA Limit.

Hope this helps. Happy Processing!