How to get a us merchant account for non residents

Merchant Services Q&AHow to get a us merchant account for non residents
Bankim Chandra Staff asked 4 months ago
1 Answers
Naman Verma Staff answered 1 month ago

It looks like you are looking for payment processing solution for your company that is registered in the USA but you are from offshore country. Well, now there are several payment processors that provides payment processing solutions for such business scenarios. For this you need to have complete set of required documents in order to get approval otherwise it will be more challenging if you don’t present documents that are requested by processor for underwriting.
Apart from Credit card processing solution, one can also apply for US Echeck/ACH payment processing solution which is widely used and popular among people of the USA. This method will be robust and best payment method to accept payments for your business products/service from US based customers. For more information, you can refer: