How To Get Merchant Account Services In Pakistan?

Merchant Services Q&ACategory: Payment ProcessingHow To Get Merchant Account Services In Pakistan?
Maurya Shubham asked 9 months ago
1 Answers
Bankim Chandra Staff answered 6 months ago

Getting an International Merchant account in Pakistan is not an easy job. Offshore processing companies may provide options. Most of the solutions that may work for Pakistan based international merchants are offshore. these are generally Non US and NON EU solutions.
If the merchant has a company and business bank account in the USA and the funds stay in the USA then local USA banks may say yes. However they will need the directors to be Americans.
Same in the case with EU providers. They need EU company EU Directors and EU physical office
Offshore china solutions may be an option. Email us or fill our contact form for more information. We may be able to assist some qualifying merchant. Having said that offshore solutions generally ask for an upfront setup charge for Pakistan based merchants and this may range from $700 to $5000 depending upon merchants risk profile and type of industry