Is Licence mandatory for Online Gambling and Casino Merchant Account?

Merchant Services Q&ACategory: Online Gambling and Casino Merchant AccountIs Licence mandatory for Online Gambling and Casino Merchant Account?
Bankim Chandra Staff asked 8 months ago
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Bankim Chandra Staff answered 7 months ago

Note: Only a qualified Legal Practitioner can give your the correct advice. Unfortunately we at Quadrapay are not a legal practitioner. It is the merchants responsibility to comply to all the local , international, statuary and card scheme regulations and compliance’s and rules.
Disclaimer: – Here are our views that may not be accurate.

  • Raffles and Lotteries Merchants must know that these can only be run for a a genuine legal fund raising cause and can not be used as mode of business to generate corporate /company profit.
  • Skill Competition Sites. These are game of skills. The merchant must ensure that it is not being biased to a set of users. The winner should get the reward on the basis of skills.
  • Prize Competitions Free Draws. In most cases these are not considered gambling however some PSPs may require a legal opinion from a registered legal practitioner. The legal opinion should confirm that the business model is not gambling and does not require gambling licences. Preferably the legal opinion should be from a practitioner where the merchant is registered. With this model users can register either free or by paying a small amount. The website should give equal display opportunity to both the entries. The rewards should be equal.

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