What Are Ecommerce Merchant Services

Merchant Services Q&AWhat Are Ecommerce Merchant Services
Bankim Chandra Staff asked 4 months ago
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Naman Verma Staff answered 2 days ago

The way we all used to purchase goods and services is now totally changed. Thanks to advancement in technology and wide network of digital stores, we can now purchase and receive the goods at just few clicks of buttons. Nowadays over 2 billion people shop online and these numbers are rapidly increasing.
Making your own ecommerce website might be not so challenging compared to getting a merchant account from a bank to accept payments from international customers. Here is what Ecommerce merchant services assist you with merchant account to accept payments seamlessly. It is vital that you must have a live website with well described products, terms and conditions, shipping policy, refund policy.
Once your website passes through the compliance, next step is verification of your KYC documents like business registration documents, latest utility bill, personal and business bank account statements, National photo ID, supplier agreement OR invoices for the products that are sold on website and previous processing statements. 
After completing verification procedures, the processor will provide you merchant account and payment gateway which is easy to integrate on your ecommerce website so that you can start accepting payments from you customers.
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Bankim Chandra Staff answered 20 hours ago

Ecommerce merchant services can be termed as specialised payment services for the eCommerce industry. Any transaction that happens over the web where there is no face to face interaction of merchant and buyer can be termed as eCommerce transaction. Technically all eCommerce transactions may involve risk bigger then card present transaction. Fortunately there are many solutions that help lower the risk and increase merchants revenue.