What are the steps involved in the process of payment gateway for CBD oil?

Merchant Services Q&ACategory: CBD Merchant AccountWhat are the steps involved in the process of payment gateway for CBD oil?
Naman Verma Staff asked 8 months ago
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Bankim Chandra Staff answered 8 months ago

The steps involved in getting a cbd merchant account are listed below.

  1. Pre Approval. This is the step where the processor looks at the website for sales hygiene. this also includes checking the terms, privacy, Return policy and product information pages. Makes sure you create a good impression with your website. You may not have a lot of control on the traffic to your CBD oil site but you can modify your site and make it look impressive. merchants must understand that cbd oil may be legal but seeds, leaves and buds are hated at this point in time by most processors. Make sure you do not use images and texts that are related or display seeds, buds or leaves.
  2. KYC collection and deep audit. In this step the merchant will send the KYC documents to the acquirer. Make sure you send all the required documents. If you dont have processing history then send last 6 months business bank statement that shows bank to bank transactions. Do not try to fool the processor. Even if you are lucky to get approved please not that accounts may get terminated even after approval. Be honest it truly helps.
  3. Approval Signing. If all is good then you will get the agreement. check the terms and rates. If you like then you know what to do .. Sign on the line.
  4. Integration. Here your tech team will have to work to join the gateway to your website.
  5. Test transaction. the processor will give you test card details. You can do test transaction. If the test goes well then you start accepting live transaction
  6. Getting paid. Your processor will make payments to you as per the agreement.

Happy Processing and Sell Well.