What Documents Are Needed For A High Risk Ecommerce Merchant Account

Merchant Services Q&ACategory: Payment ProcessingWhat Documents Are Needed For A High Risk Ecommerce Merchant Account
Maurya Shubham asked 7 months ago
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Naman Verma Staff answered 2 days ago

In order to get a high risk ecommerce merchant account, first it is vital that you should have a live website with all well described products listed. A high risk processor will surely check your website for all the products, terms and conditions, refund policy and shipping policy. Along with the completed website, it is vital for a business merchant to submit proper KYC documents.
Some of the important KYC documents for high risk ecommerce merchant account are as following:

  • Business Registration Documents
  • National Photo ID
  • Latest Utility Bill
  • Business Bank Account Statement
  • Personal Bank Account Statement
  • Supplier Agreement/ Invoices For The Products Being Sold On Website
  • Previous Processing Statements (If you accepted payments earlier on website)

Once you furnish completed website and KYC documents, your application will be reviewed by processor and once done they will provide approval to your Ecommerce Merchant Account for you to start integration and processing.
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