What is a continuity credit card processor

Merchant Services Q&AWhat is a continuity credit card processor
Bankim Chandra Staff asked 7 months ago
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Tim Paff Staff answered 2 weeks ago

A continuity credit card processor allows merchants to accept payments in the subscription or recurring mode. This payment model is quite prevalent in many industries. Some of modern verticals like VOD, IPTV, Internet service providers, Mobile applications are great examples of this merchant type.
The challenge – Most of the banks prefer to stay away from any thing that has subscriptions and recurring payments. There is a genuine reason behind it , Many merchants sell subscription on the basis of free trial. these kind of accounts are the most risk oriented. Majority of customers forget they opted for free trial and raise chargeback disputes when they see the transaction on the billing statement.
So what is the option for merchants that are in need of recurring billing services. Well there is always an option and here there are many.
Approach a high risk merchant account provider for continuity merchant account. the rates may be slightly higher then regular low risk accounts but still you may get access to accepting card payments
Approach an alternative payment solution provider. For continuity we suggest ACH payment processing. This helps merchants accept payments from customers bank account and does not involve the card schemes
Approach a Crypto to Fiat payment gateway. yes this is even better option then ACH and this is almost with Zero chargeback. The Crypto gateway provider accepts the digital assets and send the fiat currency to the merchant.
Hope this helps.