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Merchant Services Q&AWhat Is ACH Debt Collection Account
Bankim Chandra Staff asked 6 months ago
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Bankim Chandra Staff answered 6 months ago

The US Debt Collection Industry faces a consistent problem when merchants look for card  processing solutions. Debt collection merchants with excellent history and long standing banking relations ship may get accounts easily however many still struggle. So what exactly is ACH Debit Collection Account. This is a special ACH merchant account solution to collect Debt payments. This solution is used by collection agencies in the USA. There are various advantages of using ach debt collection account.

  1.  High Risk ACH Processing Companies Are Debt Collection Sector Friendly. That is correct. Quadrapay partners that offer ACH processing services in USA are comfortable in evaluating Debt Collect ACH merchant account applications. These providers have experience in assisting large debt collection agencies with there ach processing requirements.
  2. Easy Cash Flow With Debt Collection ACH. The typical hold on high risk card account for debt collection merchants is 1-2 weeks. However with ACH qualifying merchants that process in high volume may even get 72 hours settlements in some case. This fast settlement cycle can help merchants efficiently use the cash flow.
  3. Reoccurring Payments For Debt Settlements. This industry has a specific requirement of part or installment payments. our solutions come with the recurring or subscription payment facility. A larges debt collection invoice debtors in parts. This way debtors can pay in equal monthly instalments. At a specific date of each month money is debited from debtors account.
  4. VT MOTo For Phone Biling. Many Debt collection agencies have inbound call receiving setup With ACH VT agents can easily submit account number and routing number and processed for ach debits.
  5. CRM API Connectivity. The providers that we work with offer highly productive ACH API. Skilled technology experts can easily create plugins and modules to easily connect with various CRMs and CMSs.

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