What Is The Best Way To Get Adult Entertainment Merchant Accounts?

QuestionsCategory: Payment ProcessingWhat Is The Best Way To Get Adult Entertainment Merchant Accounts?
Maurya Shubham Staff asked 2 months ago
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Bankim Chandra Staff answered 1 month ago

The best way to get an adult merchant account will be to

  • Have a business that has required registrations and licences
  • Approach a PSP/IPSP that offers adult entertainment merchant account
  • Comply to the requirements of the processor

Lets look at few adult product types and MCCs that are easy to onboard
Adult Stores / Adult Toys MCC 5999. This MCC is allotted to merchants that sell tangible products. The credit risk is the factor that PSPs majorly look into when vetting these accounts. Merchants should not sell used products.
Product Types that fall into this category are listed below

  • Erotic Apparel stores. Sites that sell undergarments specifically targeting adult audience and nature of sales is erotic.(Regular apparels and accessories fall into other mcc for general eCommerce.)
  • Adult Novality Stores. These generally include sites that sell Dolls, Vibrators etc.
  • Printed material. These may include Magazines, Pictures and Books
  • Site that sell lubes and condoms.

Merchant must declare on the site

  1. Refund Policy
  2. PSP details and card scheme logos must be there on the site. Some PSPs may be interested in handling billing related issues themselves . That is why merchant must have the PSP contact information on site.
  3. Website must have merchant contact information with Email, Phone and Address.
  4. Merchant must insure that the products are shipped within 72 hours of order generation
  5. Terms must specify the party that bears the shipping charges. This can also be declared on the product page if the shipping varies product and delivery location wise.
  6. Return Time Frame Policy
  7. RMA/Cancellation Policy
  8. To reduce returns and chargebacks. Merchant must collect proof of order and proof or product delivery. These should be kept for records.

BDSM Sites MCC 5967. This is considered high risk and the psp will evaluate the site deeply. They may ask for access to see the sites content. The content should not be violent
Some examples of site content that may get approved are listed below

  • Bondage Content
  • Latex Content
  • Hentai and Animations
  • Domination Content

Please keep in mind that the rules of card schemes and PSP/Banks keep on changing that is why its better to get your site evaluated and see if they approve you.
Disclaimer. The above stated content may not be free from errors. If you want we can connect you with Adult merchant account providers that may be interested in looking at your site.
This content on this page is only for EU/EEA/USA and Canada based merchants.