Where Can i Get the List Of Payment Gateways In Oman

Merchant Services Q&AWhere Can i Get the List Of Payment Gateways In Oman
Tim Paff Staff asked 2 weeks ago
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Disclaimer – We are not affiliated to below listed providers. This answer is for general information only.
Payment solutions are critical for the growth of any economy. These days central banks in most emerging economies are suggesting people to use digital payments as the mode of transaction. This mode helps government agencies to easy monitor transaction and eventually helps in generating more accurate statistics for the social good.
Talking about Oman one must know that it is one of the most vibrant nations in the middle east. The professional approach of the government helps businesses achieve there full potential. These businesses may operate in B2B or B2C sector however they will always need a payment solution. So lets look at few of the payment gateway solutions that are available in Oman .
Myfatoorah Payment Gateway. 
Located at Ghala street South Ghurbrah, Sultanate of Oman the company offers some great services for modern merchants. Some of the key features of the solutions from Myfatoorah are listed below

  • Invoice System. They call it the F1-Invoice and i believe that the features are quite revolutionary. The invoicing solution allows merchants to accept payments on various platforms including email, SMS and Whattsapp.  The solution allows merchants to customise the invoice color schemes so that it relates to the merchants band identity. Most of the payments methods that are prevalent in GCC are offered with this solution. The solution also offers feature similar to read receipt where the merchant gets to know if the buyer has seen the invoice or not. To ensure that merchant and sellers are on the same page the merchant gets the ability to accept payments only if the terms are accepted by the buyer.
  • POS. With the POS solution from Myfatoorah Payment Gateway merchants can accept in-store payments. The solution comes at cost effective rates and offers highly advanced features like Detailed reporting and paperless billing
  • Payment Gateway. The solution comes with ready to use API and SDK. The processing capabilities include accepting over 20 card payment methods. The settlement can be done in over 10 popular currencies. Integration is super easy with the availability of plugins for well known CMS like Opencart, Woocomerce, Magento, Prestashop, .net and other Lamp Stack CMs  Various security filters help merchants reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions.

BankDhofar Payment Gateway Solution
This is a solution from a bank located in Oman. The solution helps merchants accept eCommerce transaction. Various card typoes are accepted as well as many alternative payment methods. The rates appear to be quite reasonable. The integration is easy as the Bank provides plugin for integration. Transactions are secured with 2 factor authentication.