E-commerce Bitcoin Payment

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E-commerce Bitcoin Payment Quadrapay

E-commerce Bitcoin Payment? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

Everyone must be aware of a digital currency which bypasses all the middleman like a bank or such any government agency that controls over the transactions. It’s Bitcoin which allows peer to peer transactions, i.e. person to person directly into their bitcoin wallet. And nowadays, it has become a prevalent method of payment to purchase several goods and services with the help of e-commerce bitcoin payment facilities. The best part of the cryptocurrency like bitcoin is that it allows you to anonymously buy or sell any goods and services across borders with the merchants that accept bitcoin as the mode of payment and can be easily converted back to any local currency whenever needed.

Benefits Of Using Quadrapay E-commerce Bitcoin Payment Account?

Our e-commerce bitcoin payment account offers several advantages, especially for the e-commerce store, our account service provides a lot of benefits like primary of them are as follows:

  • Zero to low fees per transaction through our payment account.
  • Risk-free of any chargebacks.
  • Simple and easy to implement bitcoin payments account which makes your business more professional and attractive to your customers to receive payment in digital cryptocurrency.

Methods To Accept Bitcoin

Quadrapay provides a simple and easy process so that you can integrate and accept online payments through bitcoin transactions.

Some other methods to integrate and receive bitcoin as a payment:

  • Payment Buttons:  You can also embed a payment button with the help of API on your shopping cart to start accepting bitcoin.
  • Custom Route: With the help of API documentation, you can quickly obtain a custom route for integration on your website.
  • Implementing Invoices: Our API offers a secure method to generate invoices on a single tap. The option for using Generating an Invoices is far better in terms of the benefits provided by shopping carts.

How To Keep Your E-commerce Bitcoin Payment Safe And Secure?

  • Stay Updated: It is necessary to always keep your accounting software bitcoin wallets to the latest version of updates to ensure you get the latest security patches and bug fixes on time.
  • Using Multi-factor Authentication: Every Merchant should use a strong password with a multi-factor authentication method which will add extra safeguard on your bitcoin wallets.
  • Encrypt Your Online Wallet Backups: An online wallet is vulnerable to being hacked if not protected. That’s why it is essential to encrypt your online wallets with a private key which also helps you to recover your bitcoin funds if you lose access to the wallet.

How To Accept E-commerce Bitcoin Payment On Your Online Stores?

If you have a fully functional and secured e-commerce website, you can easily accept bitcoin payments by the cooperation of a bitcoin payment processor.

Quadrapay offers an easy and straightforward method in bitcoin payment processing that includes:

  • Fewer Transaction Fees:  Bitcoin payments processing is charged meagre fees in comparison to costs that are applicable credit cards processing. We offer as low as 1% on bitcoin payments.
  • Frequency Of Payouts: We offer the timely frequency of payouts if the merchant services process all the transactions applicable fees on time at the time of payments being done.
  • Multiple Currency Support: Quadrapay offers multiple currency payouts that you prefer like dollars or euros with the applicable exchange rate for those transactions so that you can easily convert your bitcoins into your local currency whenever needed.
  • Customer Support: Quadrapay offers best in class customer support and service for bitcoin merchant services. You can easily connect with us at [email protected].

Happy Processing!!!

Bankim Chandra
Bankim Chandra
Bankim Chandra is a Merchant Account consultant. He works with merchants globally and helps businesses in getting reliable payment processing solution. He writes extensively on the internet about Payment Gateways, Credit Card Processing, Echeck Processing, Chargeback Alerts, ACH and Business Funding.