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Echeck For Anti-Ageing Products Now Available With Quadrapay

After a certain age, the human body starts getting wrinkles and more dead skin cells. Due to which they start looking old. To overcome those wrinkles and dead skin cells anti-ageing products are launched in the market. Anti-ageing products limit the process of becoming and looking old. To sell these products online, the merchant should have a proper website with an appropriate business model. These merchants also require a payment gateway for accepting payments from their customers. Getting a Credit card solution for anti-ageing product business is hard. For these merchants, echeck is the best payment gateway solution. Quadrapay works with multiple echeck payment processing companies that are happy to onboard these type of merchants. With Quadrapay you can get Echeck payment gateway solution easily. Before going in details of an echeck let us first know about anti-ageing products and services.

What are the Anti-Ageing Products?

Anti-ageing products are those products which slow down the process and effects of ageing. The definition of anti-ageing is to stop the ageing process. And that’s what the anti-ageing products do. The human body is made up of cells, and the ageing process takes place when there is cell death. As a child and young adult, our body’s cells are active, and our body can make new cells. As the years advance, our body’s ability to generate new cells diminishes, cell death occurs, and the ageing process ensues. These products help a person to look younger than their usual ages. Most commonly used by women’s. Anti-ageing products are intended to prevent or limit the process of becoming old. Also, using these products lead to glowing skin and promote skin care too.
Advantages With Echeck For Anti-Ageing Products.

If you choose Echeck as the payment gateway for your online business, then you are unlocking multiple benefits of receiving payments through echeck. Echeck enables fast, secure and reliable payments online. Echeck offers the following advantages :

  1. Offers Lower transaction fees as compared to other gateways.
  2. Customers can easily use Echeck.
  3. Secured and backed by bank regulations.
  4. Using Echeck, you can make recurring payments weekly, monthly and quarterly based on the agreement between the merchant and the customer.
  5. Echeck is offered by almost every major payment processing company.
  6. Echeck is eco-friendly too because no paperwork required.
  7. You can pay a large amount easily with echeck.

Why Use Echeck For Your Anti Ageing Ecommerce Site?

For opting Echeck as your payment gateway, first, you should know about its features. It is essential to know about the uses of Echeck and why you can use echeck for your online business. Mentioned below some crucial features of echeck:

  1. For online payments, it is the safest payment gateway for making transactions.
  2. It can carry unlimited information regarding customer details, information about the merchant and transaction details too.
  3. It reduces frauds.
  4. It automatically validates and verifies the content.
  5. It is cost effective and cheaper than other modes of online payment.
  6. A person can easily stop payments.
  7. Echeck can be used with an existing bank account.
  8. Echeck provides rapid and secured settlements of funds.

With these features mentioned above of Echeck, a person should go with Echeck payment gateway.

When To Use An Echeck?

Nowadays people have multiple ranges of different ways of making payment for goods and services. Credit card processing and wire transfer providing companies usually charge higher transaction fees. Paper checks are the most popular mode of payment almost everywhere. Checks are the cheapest mode of payment too. Echecks are similar to paper checks. They are just an electronic version of paper checks. Merchants should use an Echeck in the following circumstances:

  1. When you have to make regular payments.
  2. When you have to pay large amounts.
  3. If you regularly pay through check.
  4. When you don’t have money to pay for transaction fees.
  5. When you want to make your and your customer’s life easy.
  6. When you want to make and receive payments from your existing bank account.
  7. If you have a shortage of funds.

If you have any one of the above circumstances, then you should go with Echeck payment gateway solution.

How Echeck Works?

Echeck works similar to a paper check does. The process works like this:

  1. First of all check writer writes the eCheck using one of the electronic devices and after that gives the eCheck to the collector electronically.
  2. The collector deposits the eCheck and receives credit. After that, the collector’s bank clears the eCheck to the paying bank.
  3. The paying bank approves the eCheck and then charges the check writer’s bank account for the amount mentioned in the check.

There are four steps behind Echeck transaction :

  • The payment collector should authorise the transaction even for repeated transactions.
  • When the payment collector gives authorisation, the payment info is submitted to an Online payment processing service.
  • The payment information is submitted to the ACH network by the payment processor.
  • The payment is quickly withdrawn from the payer’s bank account. The payment gateway sends the receipt of payment to the payment collector email account. The amount is then deposited into the collector’s bank account. The payment funds are usually deposited between 2-3 business days after the ACH transaction is initiated by the payment gateway.
Quadrapay Brings Echeck For Anti Ageing Products As low As 1.95%

If you are looking for an echeck payment gateway for your anti-ageing products business, then Quadrapay will surely help you. Quadrapay works with multiple third-party ach payment processing companies that are happy to onboard merchants like you. You can contact us or write to us at [email protected]. Our team at Quadrapay will surely assist you to the best payment gateway solution.

Moreover, we don’t charge any upfront fees. Even if you are a high-risk merchant, then you don’t have to worry. We have solutions for high-risk merchants also.