Echeck For WordPress

Quadrapay Brings To You Echeck For WordPress Websites

So, your website is on WordPress, and you want to payments through eCheck. Okay, we got your point and understands how important it is for you. QuadraPay will help you in getting the eCheck for your WordPress website. We will firstly start with what eCheck is and then proceed with the related terms and complete process to get it.

What Is An Echeck For WordPress?

An electronic check also known as an e-check is a form of payment made by means of the internet, or another data network, designed to perform the same function as of paper check but conveniently. Since the check is in an electronic form, it can be completed in fewer steps. Also, it has more security functions than usual paper checks including authentication, public key cryptography, digital signatures, and encryption, among others. Now wordpress websites can easily use this solution.

How Echeck Works For WordPress?

An electronic check is a part of the bigger electronic financial field and part of a subset of transactions assigned to an electronic fund transfers (EFTs). This includes electronic checks as well as other computerised financial functions, for example, ATM withdrawals and deposits, debit card transactions and remote check depositing functions. The transactions require the utilisation of different PC and networking administration to access the related account information to perform the mentioned actions.

Electronic checks were created in response to the transactions that emerged in the world of electronic trade. Electronic checks can be utilised to make a payment for any transaction that a paper check can cover, and are administered by the same laws that apply to paper checks. This was the first type of Internet-based payment utilised by the U.S. Treasury for making large online payments.

eCheck Benefits For WordPress Driven Sites.

  1. Go Green: Electronic checks minimise the use of paper checks and endorse a paperless transaction process.
  2. ACH Network: Electronic check processing depends on the ACH Network, the same reliable system that manages direct deposits.
  3. Less Errors: A more automated process minimises the chances for error.
  4. Lower Transaction Costs: The transaction fee for eChecks is typically lower than both physical checks and credit cards.
  5. Recurring Billing: Your customers can also pay you automatically on a scheduled date.
QuadraPay: Your Echeck Problem Solver

So, if you’re searching for an eCheck for your WordPress website and want to add one more payment option, i.e., eCheck option, QuadraPay will surely help you with this. And in case you’re accepting payments via credit card or check payments(if your business works offline), which is prefered by many organisations. And now you want to accept eChecks also, and this will allow real-time funds authorisations, additionally also help reduce the risk of fraud and returned checks, and facilitates faster payments. And adding payment methods like “eCheck” in your WordPress website will not only help in accepting large amount but will also attract new customers.

We know how typical it is to start your own business and have a website, but don’t worry QuadraPay will make your work easy to some extent. We will require some documents to analyse the risks linked with your business and will take a look on your website. Before applying for the eCheck, you should have your website ready in every manner. Like if you’re selling some goods or products through your WordPress website, then all the products should be present on the site with a detailed description and price tags. Or if you’re selling products of another party on your website, the service provider may require a paper undersigned by that party that they don’t have any objection.
Based on your understanding and going through all the Terms and Conditions, you can sign the documents with the service provider. QuadraPay has nothing to do with it.

After all the formalities are completed, the service provider will provide you with an echeck payment gateway for the website. You can integrate this payment gateway into your site. Your technical team can do this very quickly or in case you are unable to do that; the service providers will help you.
So, come to QuadraPay and start accepting a large amount via “eCheck”.

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