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Echeck Gateway for Canada. EFT And Interac Payments For Canadian Sales. is a leading service provider in the field of High-Risk Merchant accounts. Willing to get an eCheck Payment Gateway in Canada? Knock us to get the best assistance.

High-Risk Merchants are those merchants having a higher risk of customer sales disputes, returns as well as chargebacks. An online business is considered to be a high-risk merchant as at the time of the transaction credit card/customer is not present for verification. Customer Service, Security and Satisfaction are the key points which have brought us to become the leader in this field. Our due attentiveness with verification and liability protects both the customer as well as the merchant in a smooth and seamless transaction.

Get Access to the majority of financial Institution across North America:

Most internet consumers these days have a credit card as well as a debit card. However, the majority of them have at least one checking bank account and most often more than one.

eCheck (or electronic check) Payment Processing Options In Canada Will Help:

  • Expanding the Client Base
  • Optimising the Merchant Revenue
  • Extending Transaction Totals

The Comfort and Ease of writing a Check in this vastly evolving era:

Writing a check is the most ingrained thing in a consumers mind. eChecks is the evolved form of that old conventional physical checks. It is the world’s oldest transaction methods got digitised. allows you to continue completing transactions in the digital format, but in the same way, consumers have been comfortably doing since decades.

Electronic Fund Transfer for Canadian Consumers

QuadraPay’s EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) grants merchants the ability to provide eCheck payment service to all consumers from Canada with a valid checking account from almost all Canadian Financial Institutions.

  • Banks
  • Caisses Populaires
  • Credit Unions

QuadraPay opens the doors to a flood of potential transactions and a deluge of potential new consumers and prospects with its facility of EFT (eChecks and ACH payments).

Canada has over 700 Credit Unions. All of them are affording their clients the facility of checking accounts. With the help of QuadraPay EFT (eChecks and ACH) facility, the potential eConsumers can avail the benefit of online payments solution and make transactions online. Few Canadian Credit Unions and a majority of Canadian Banks do not subscribe to online Direct Debit transactions. QuadraPay’s eCheck and ECH gateway for Canada will attract anyone with a checking account to be YOUR client.

Electronic Fund Transfer has made it easy to buy and sell on the Internet. It enables real-time funds transfer. One can now easily track the payment(s) made to him against something sold online, by verifying that the amount has been credited into his account, moments after the transaction is done. It could have taken five days for a paper check for the same thing.

The Benefits Of eCheck Gateway For Canada

When it comes to managing an eCheck and ACH in Canada, the Canadian Electronic Funds Transfer is considered to be a convenient and cost-effective solution because of the comparatively less transactional fee. By using Canadian EFT, businesses based in Canada can debit their checking accounts for both one-time or recurring payments. Generally, Credit cards don’t allow cross border payments. However, with the help of eChecks, cross border check processing can also be done. A United States based company can also debit Canadian customers. The primary need will be a Canadian bank account for the settlement of funds.

Because of the highest levels of security, EFT Processing options are comparatively limited in Canada compared to that of many eChecks and ACH processing providers which are available in the United States. This says that options are very limited, as many of the banks control the payments realm. To gain access to Canada Electronic Fund Transfer processing capabilities is often found difficult.

SaaS platforms integrate a Canada EFT (eChecks and ACH) application in conjunction with a company offering ACH processing in the United States or Independently. By this, it automates the payment collection and reconciliation process. Reporting data for reconciliation and managing the US as well as Canadian eCheck transactions by a single capable system is considered to be a magnet in terms of customer acquisition and also a great payment revenue generator.

Features And Key Benefits Of Canada EFT:
  • Something beneficial for you! Canadian EFT Reduces charges in terms of employee and bank service. It feels or is hectic and costly making bank trips and paying per check fees for your business. eChecks and ACH also reduce expenses associated with operating, writing/collecting checks, manual processing, as well as time spent reconciling accounts.
  • Avail the facility of receiving notification of rejected payments.
  • Most of the times, while working with Canadian EFT tools of a bank, dealing manually with payment rejects is a forced practice. This may take a week or more than that to receive notification on.
  • Lessen the risks related to cheque fraud and forgery.
  • Ensure your business’ autonomy while regulating centralised concentration as well as control of funds. Follow the keys to scalable growth by automation and systems.
  • Pace up the payables process and also control the timing of debits/credits to your business account.
  • Mobilising money electronically reduces lost and stolen cheques.
  • Helps manage cash flow efficiently and improve cash forecasting.
  • With the help of Reliable and predictable cash flow, planning becomes much simpler and less stressful.

Benefits Of Automated Check Housing (ACH) Transactions

  • ACH Adds Flexibility. eCheck Gateway in Canada enables you to receive payments from a client’s bank checking account directly, no matter they own a credit card or not.
  • Avail the facility of faster Payments with ACH. We know that you don’t like visiting the bank for getting your payments cleared. eCheck payment processing makes you do all other works with less hassle as the payment processing is way too faster.
  • ACH charge Low Processing Fees. Why to spend a huge sum of money in terms of processing fees when you can avail the benefit of low processing fees by getting an eCheck payment Gateway. ACH transactions come among the least expensive form of e-payment currently available.
  • ACH gives you Larger Transaction Limits. Go beyond limits! You can transfer as well as receive a large amount of money, eliminating the restrictions imposed by those credit card brands on every cardholder.
  • ACH gives you a convenient solution. Focus on your other important jobs by setting and forgetting! On a pre-determined schedule, recurring or subscription billing merchants can automatically invoice clients.
Quick Facts About ACH Networks
  • The ACH Network is actually a batch processing system. It allows the financial institutions to accumulate ACH transactions in the entire day for later batch processing.
  • Transactions via ACH Network are transmitted electronically and allows faster processing times as well as cost savings.
  • One can use funds to make a payment by Direct Payment via ACH. An Organization or an Individual can make a Direct Payment via ACH as ACH credit.
  • It pushes funds into an account when a Direct Payment processed as an ACH. Say, for example when a consumer starts a payment through his/her bank/credit union to pay a certain bill.

QuadraPay is one of the few trusted service providers in the field of an eCheck gateway. We work with a wide range of payment processors that allow Canadian agencies to process eChecks as well as ACH payments. We believe in serving you with most reliable, affordable, but secure eCheck Payment Gateway for your business in Canada.

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