Echeck Merchant Account For High-Risk Business

Echeck Merchant Account For High Risk Business Now Available

Are you searching for an eCheck merchant account provider? QuadraPay deals in all types of online payment gateway solutions. Apart from dealing in low-risk/ mid-risk/ high-risk merchant accounts, we are a leading provider of payment solutions like ACH processing and eCheck processing. We even provide eCheck merchant account for high-risk business that don’t usually get approved by other processing companies.

QuadraPay deals in eCheck processing accounts with both a virtual terminal as well as website API. With the help of virtual terminal, a business owner can manually key in check orders accepted on the phone, whereas the website API allows the customers to key in their check payments at your business website.

We proudly offers these eCheck and ACH services to high-risk businesses. If you are looking to receive checks on the phone or via the medium of the Internet for a high-risk business, then you have indeed gone through the hard way that most other electronic check processing agencies are very restrictive while choosing their client’s business types and category for approval. Truth to be told, most of the times a majority of eCheck processors reject all high-risk merchants, outright. has brought to you with the best high-risk eCheck service available across the globe. With the minimal fee, we are making it an extremely affordable process to accept payments over the phone or online. Moreover, the most amazing part is that merchants can receive their payments on the same day of receiving the check. QuadraPay offers faster eCheck payment processing solution than any other provider out there. We offers high-risk eCheck and ACH services to virtually any legal business, including high-risk businesses.

ACH Processing And Its Advantages:

ACH payments automatically debit money from the customers’ checking or savings bank accounts. That’s what a business owner love. Also, as a result, ACH is very much popular with businesses that accept recurring payments or payments based on subscription. Apart from this, since ACH payments don’t require credit card processing system, hence accepting eChecks and ACH do not affect a business owner’s pocket much, and consequently, are attractive to merchants who wish to save money charged on credit card processing fees.

Benefits Of eCheck And ACH Processing For A High-Risk Business Or Merchant:

There are few reasons which attract high-risk business owners or merchants for obtaining a high-risk ACH account.

  1. Since the ACH payments are intra-bank, it implies a lower cost: Businesses with a high-risk ACH account most often avoid interchange rates and typically pay much lower rates for accepting payments as they get opposed to using credit cards.
  2. eChecks and ACH transaction restrictions are very less: Merchants who fall in the category of high-risk, often have a number of restrictions implied on their credit card merchant account. The restrictions include transaction size limits and monthly processing limits, among others. Often high-risk ACH accounts have fewer restrictions, helping the business owner to run their business with ease.
  3. Higher chances of approval on eCheck: Many high-risk businesses face difficulties in obtaining a high-risk merchant, but they can start accepting payment with the help of a high-risk eCheck or an ACH merchant account with less trouble.

QuadraPay provides the facility of high-risk eCheck account without any trouble. Just connect with us and let us know about your requirements.