Ecommerce Gateway Solutions. It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

Boost Up Your E-commerce Business Revenue With Ecommerce Gateway Solutions!

At Quadrapay, we know how effective and beneficial for an online e-commerce business to implement e-commerce gateway solutions to gain a successful revenue from online business sales. The times when a customer visits your e-commerce website and comes to the checkout page after selecting a product they require. They are required to have a secured environment and fraud-free experience from the payment gateway solution so that they can input their sensitive debit card, credit card payments information. We provide a seamless gateway solution for your e-commerce website, which is easy to integrate with your existing shopping cart applications. So that your valuable customers can have smooth and fraud-free experience while shopping online from your business.

How Much Is Beneficial A Ecommerce Gateway Solutions For A Small Scale Business?

An eCommerce gateway solutions is an application which ensures each of the transactions being done online is passed through a secured environment which encrypts all the sensitive information provided by the customer like debit card or credit card processing details.
At this second of time, this includes the conversion rates and other processing charges. The e-commerce gateway solutions act as a middleman between your e-commerce payment service provider merchant website and the acquiring bank.

What Is The Working Procedure Behind The Ecommerce Gateway Solutions?

  • Customer visits your website and selects the product they wish to buy.
  • At the checkout page, the customer provides the credit card payment information in an encrypted environment of e-commerce gateway solutions page.
  • The e-commerce gateway solution forwards the information to a payment processor of your acquiring bank.
  • This information is forwarded over the card provider network.
  • The bank verifies the debit card or credit card details provided by the customer and sends the feedback to the payment processor either approve or decline the transaction.
  • The payment processor forwards the feedback of the transaction to the e-commerce gateway solutions.
  • Then the e-commerce payment system provides the result back to the online e-commerce business website.

What Are The Charges Applicable on Ecommerce Gateway Solutions?

There are two types of charges that are applicable to e-commerce credit card processing solutions which vary upon signup fees and transaction fees as most of the payment gateway charges a monthly charge or an upfront charge. Additional to this, a small percentage of the cost applicable to each transaction, While some gateway provider provides a free signup process but a high transaction fees. These charges are taken because of the procedure involved in the payment processing process business cycle. That’s why it is very important to select an e-commerce gateway solution from a reputed industry expert provider like Quadrapay, which charges very low processing fees and this will result in a high profit in your small scale business.

Benefits of Ecommerce Gateway Solutions From Quadrapay?

  • Easy to signup and fast approval for e-commerce payment system.
  • Our e-commerce gateway solution is very easy to integrate with your online eCommerce website.
  • Supports e-commerce bitcoin payment.
  • Payment card industry and data security standard compliance for high-security level encrypted environment.
  • 24*7 expert customer support and service.
  • Low processing fees for e-commerce payment system.
  • Chargeback alerts facility.

How To Apply For Ecommerce Gateway Solutions

The process to apply for an eCommerce gateway solutions is easy and straightforward with Quadrapay. You only need to fill the merchant application form and submit it. Along with the merchant application form, it is also required to submit KYC documents to complete the verification procedures.

So stop thinking and get an e-commerce merchant account or e-commerce gateway solutions for your e-commerce business to achieve higher revenue from your business sales.
If you still have any concerns on ecommerce gateway solutions, we are happy to assist you at [email protected].

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