eCommerce High-Risk Merchant Account

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eCommerce high-risk merchant account Quadrapay

Boost You Risky Sales With eCommerce High-Risk Merchant Account!

Nowadays, eCommerce is one of the booming and profitable platforms for a business owner. This allows them to offer services and products to their domestic customers as well as international customers with the help of a global merchant account. This offers benefits for ease of convenience to customers and business merchants. But things might be difficult for a high-risk business owner. As there are several bottlenecks, a merchant needs to face while searching for an eCommerce high-risk merchant account. But Don’t worry now! Quadrapay is one of the reliable merchant account and payment processing service providers. Now You can quickly get the desired payment solution with our diversified processing solution portfolio.

Shopping Carts Under eCommerce High-Risk Merchant Account

An online shopping cart is a vital feature for a high-risk e-commerce merchant. This feature allows your customers to select their products and later on gain more information about their chosen products. For example, other colour variants, combo offers, different sizes available. This influences the customer online shopping experience through your eCommerce website. With our eCommerce high-risk merchant account, you can take advantage of online shopping carts to integrate it seamlessly with the payment gateway.

Benefits Of eCommerce High-Risk Account With Quadrapay

Quadrapay is operating with the team of payment processing industry experts. Thus we provide you with the best possible merchant account and payment processing solution as per your business requirements. Some of the significant benefits we offer with our merchant services are:

  • Ease To Apply: We understand how many problems a high-risk business owner faces while searching for a payment solution. That’s why we provide a secure and straightforward merchant application procedure. So that you can kickstart your business sales sky-high.
  • Payment Gateway: We offer an e-commerce payment gateway solution which includes several vital features required for an online shopping website. The high-risk gateway comes under the regulations of PCI Compliance.
  • Low Processing Charges: We know that there are several payment processors available in the market that charge a lot of money in terms of processing fees. That’s why we provide you with the processing solution where you can save a lot. In terms of processing fees that a merchant needs to pay in terms of credit card processing. This way, you can gain high profits as well in your overall business revenue.
  • Chargeback Protection Assistance: A chargeback is issued over merchants when a customer files a dispute over a transaction and a refund is initiated. These chargebacks are the worst enemy of your business profits. To save you from these unwanted charges, we provide you the benefit of chargeback alerts facility. This will assist you in reducing the chargebacks before they trigger the threshold limit.
  • Multi-Currency Payments: It is indispensable if a business merchant wants to sell their products and services across other countries. We also provide a multi-currency merchant account solution. So that you can easily accept offshore payments and settle them in your local currency in the acquiring bank account.
  • Customer Support Service: For an eCommerce website, there are a lot of chances that you might get stuck in some online glitches or bugs. To seam line these services, a backup of tech support is a must. Quadrapay provides expert assistance support with our eCommerce high-risk merchant account solution.

If you still need further assistance on an eCommerce high-risk merchant account, you can reach us at [email protected].

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