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Ecommerce Merchant Account Providers By Quadrapay

Choosing A Safe Ecommerce Merchant Account Providers Online For Transactions

Payment gateway online platforms have never been so convenient. When it comes to choosing an online method of payment, there is a lot of security checking and understanding of the site which goes on before you decide to transact your payment securely. Hackers and spammers are present on every other place on the internet, which gives them an upper hand in hacking through your profile and collecting information. The very reason why safe ecommerce merchant account providers are cross-checked and verified by an individual before they can choose to conduct their pay. Quadrapay is one such merchant account provider which helps every single merchant to be secured so that they can pay with a safe and sound mind.

Importance Of High Quality Payment Gateways

There was a recent report which showed that 90% of the retailers had been hacked with the use of their login attempt on their account. Illegitimate ways of hacking and using someone else’s account have increased in the coming ages because of the advent of the digital world and most platforms using lesser security.

This is generally the reason why it is essential to evaluate the quality of your ecommerce merchant account providers, which can help you to fend off the attacks in real-time. A proper eCommerce platform will eventually help with safer means of payment, providing a buffer of encryption between the seller and the retailer. High-quality e-commerce payment providers can even reduce the loading time and make it easier for retailers to pay for the purchase of orders on a bulk basis.

According to a report, it has been claimed that most of the retailers are now choosing high performing ecommerce merchant account providers because of the following reasons.

  • 15% of them abandon all the shopping carts so that they can have a good customer experience.
  • 6% of them quit because there is a sincere lack of payment options.
  • 4% of them leave due to technical issues.

With all the things in mind, you might be wondering one question right now. How to choose a good eCommerce payment provider platform on the internet that comes with high quality, speed and adequate encryption?

Payment Gateway VS Payment Processor: What Is The Difference?

Before we help you find the right ecommerce merchant account providers, it is essential to understand the fundamental difference between a processor and a gateway.

You may have heard that the term payment and processor are used interchangeably. But to note it down, both of them are entirely different from each other.

A payment processor analyses and then transmits the transaction data. This means that there is a transmission of relevant information to an issuing bank such as the means of debit or credit card, whichever is linked with the bank.

The difference is subtle, but it can be seen that both the methods are complacent to each other. Payment gateways can be told as the complete system at the point of purchase, which can be called as the metamorphic cash register.

Understanding To Pick Out A Right Platform For eCommerce Payment Facilities

Once you understand the importance of a payment gateway, you will probably learn the importance of picking out the right platform as well. Research with the critical priorities in your mind and always look out for alternates even when you have stumbled across something on the internet.

‘With a better knowledge of the price, function and even security, you can always list out the points and pick a platform based on the issues mentioned. It is essential for every eCommerce payment provider to add a proper level of security to their payment portals which can help the average retailer to gather appropriate ideas on how everything shall work out.

Choosing The Right eCommerce Payment Providers

We all understand that it is relatively hard to choose a trusted eCommerce payment provider on the internet. This is when Quadrapay makes the decision slightly easier for you. With Quadrapay, you can opt for instant payment options with several other options which are listed out on the platform itself on this ecommerce merchant account providers. There was a time when people used to depend on cash for smaller transactions or even paper checks for significant transactions. Now, all the worries can be shifted to an online platform which gets your work done quickly and helps you to pay for the purchase or even collect cash for sale, in just a few minutes.

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Naman Verma
Naman Verma