Fast Merchant Account Means Quick Approval

Getting A Merchant Account Fast And Instant Is No More Challenging

A merchant account is crucial for your business. No matter either, you are a start-up or a well-established company. With the pace in the business, no merchants want to waste their time to set up a merchant account. But to accept a credit/ debit card, a merchant account is a must. It helps the business to process credit cards smoothly with ease. In a report by Statista, “83 per cent of Americans owned and shopped via their credit card”. The merchant account not only helps to accept digital payments, but it manages your funds and keeps it secure. In today’s time, every business wants a Fast Merchant Account to start processing credit card payments instantly. But to find a fast merchant service provider is somewhat a challenge. Many of the processors eat up a week or more to get approval for your merchant account.

We at Quadrapay helps business with a fast approval merchant account. We help businesses to get a fast merchant account with a high approval rate. The thing matters are you should be a legal business entity with all your documents ready.

How Fast A Business Get A Merchant Account

Merchant accounts are not something you can find just around the corner. To set up a merchant account, it can take 3-5 days or even a week if you are dealing with an un-experienced processor. We at Quadrapay are highly specialised and can help you to get a merchant account instantly. A merchant even may go online and start accepting payments within 24 hrs.

We understand how important it is for a business to start accepting electronic payments. If you are a low-risk business or a simple shop looking to process the credit card for retail, then your merchant account may get approved within 24 hrs. Processor loves to onboard merchants with excellent credit history with low chargebacks. But business is categorised under high-risk or have a poor credit history; it may take a bit longer. Payment processors have to evaluate the risk associated with your business. Underwriting process takes a little time to evaluate the risk. Don’t worry; we help merchants from any industry type to get merchant services as fast as possible.

How Quick And Fast Funds Get Transferred From Merchant Account To Business Bank Account

Are you a business owner? Then you may be familiar between a merchant account and a business bank account. If you don’t know what they are, you can refer to our article Merchant Account And Payment Gateway. Here we clear all the doubts between a merchant account, business bank account. It also helps you to understand the role of Acquiring Bank and Issuing Bank in payment processing.

Well, to be general, the funds need to be transferred from the merchant account to the business bank account. Since a merchant account is for merchants, still they can’t access any of the funds until and unless it gets settled in their business bank account. With a fast merchant account, businesses should also care for fast settlement. Different processors have slightly different settlement times. The settlement time can be T+1 or T+2 or T+3, or it may even take a week to get funds settled down. Before choosing a fast merchant account, it is recommended to ask your processor about the settlement frequency. Better to have a lower settlement time which increased your business cash flow. Improved cash flow helps you to grow.

Features And Benefits Of Having A Merchant Services

  • Credit/debit card Processing.
  • eCheck/ACH Processing.
  • Highest Approval Rate.
  • Fast Approval Merchant Services.
  • The payment gateway for eCommerce Store
  • Virtual terminal for MOTO payments
  • Fast Hour Payouts.
  • Lowest Transactional Rates.
  • 100% Online Application.
  • Secure With PCI-Compliant.
  • 24×7 Customer Service.

The business proprietor looks for a fast approval merchant account so that they focus on their primary productivity. Well, Quadrapay understands how crucial it is to focus on production rather than focus on cash handling or accounting. Apply Today! We will help you with all your business needs.

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