Free Online Merchant Account

The Myth Behind The Free Online Merchant Account

Is an online Merchant Account free? Are businesses paying nothing to the processors? No none of the processors will be able to provide you with Free Online Merchant Account. If they are claiming so, then ask for detailed agreement and terms.
Quadrapay will help your business to get a merchant account with fees as low as possible if not free. Our set-up is free with low transactional charges.

Fees Vs Free. Business Owner Must Consider To Get A Merchant Account

There are various fees one is liable to pay to use merchant account services. It is recommended for in-depth research before going for an Online Merchant Account. Quadrapay helps you to get the maximum benefits with as low fees as possible.

  • Application Fees: We charge you nothing for your application. Our customer service is free and satisfactory.
  • Set-up Fee: Many Payment Service Provider/IPSP/Processors will charge you a nominal fee for the set-up. But, we work with the providers who generally don’t charge anything for set-up.
  • Monthly/Annually Maintenance Charge: We will help you to get the processor who charges very low or nill for account maintenance.
  • Rolling Reserve: If the processor finds your business to be risk-oriented, then they ask you to put a rolling reserve. It can be roughly between 5-10% or even less in some of the cases.
  • Chargeback Fees: Merchants are also liable for chargeback fees if their customers raise any disputes.
  • Chargeback Alerts and Notifications: This is optional. It depends on the merchants’ whether they are opting for the service or not. The service helps the businesses to reduce their chargeback ratio at its minimal.

How To Get Started With Online Merchant Account With Free Setup?

Fill the merchant account application form on our site and wait for our experts to get in touch with you. Our service is so fast that you get a reply within 24 hrs or even less. As we already explained to you about free online merchant account is a myth. Every processor will charge you with different rates and set-up charges. Quadrapay has a special offer for their customer. We will provide not only free set-up fees and application form but also Free SEO.

Yes, you heard it right. Once your Online Merchant account is set-up and active, we will provide you with Free SEO Service.

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Happy processing !!!