Genie Cash Box Simplifying Echeck For USA High Risk And Bad Credit Merchants.

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Genie cash box

Genie Cash Box – Robust Echeck For High Risk Merchants In USA.

Many times merchants from High Risk Industries or those that are struggling with bad credit score are rejected by credit card and ACH processing companies. We can not blame these companies as they have to follow the guidelines of Card Schemes and Financial institutions. The Good news is that now these merchants can easily accept electronic check payments by using Genie Cashbox. Genie cash box offers a cost effective way of accepting check on web, Check By Mail and Check By phone. The Solution have various built in features that are extremely effective for reducing NSF issues. This patented solution is power packed with features like

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Features Of Genie Cash Box

  1. Simple Online Application. Most Applications Go Live within 24 Hours. The company offers one of the fastest on-boarding platform. The application process is simple and is offline. If you want then Quadrapay team can help you with the application process.
  2. One Time and Recurring Payments. Yes you can accept payments on Weekly, Monthly , Fortnightly, Quarterly and Yearly Basis. Your customer will be billed on intervals as per their approval.
  3. Account Number Validation. No need to worry about incorrect account number appearing on the electronic check. The Genie Cash Box System will automatically check and validate the account number
  4. Routing Number Validation. Just like account number the system also validates the Bank Routing number.
  5. Funds Availability Validation To Reduce Checks with Insufficient Funds. The Genie Cash Box system can check if the account has sufficient funds to clear the check. It will not let you know how much money is in the account. This feature is very helpful in avoiding NSF and Insufficient fund transactions.
    Merchant Gets Copy Of Digital Check In PDF Format Within 5 Minutes. This is so good. Immediately after the transaction you will get the PDF copy of Check. All you have to do is deposit the check into your business bank account. You can deposit the check by visiting your bank branch, Scanning at ATM, Scanning through a Check Scanner or Banks Mobile APP.
    Customer Receives Receipt Of Transaction. Customer gets a proof of order. The receipt also mentions some vital terms that help merchants in reducing disputes and chargebacks.
  6. Built in Digital Agreement System. Every transaction goes through digital signing of agreement.
  7. SMS Validation for Fraud Prevention. Customer gets notification on registered mobile number for validation.
  8. Check scan copy upload facility. To ensure that the check account is live and active the genie cash box offers check image upload facility.
  9. Built in Velocity Check. Account information is checked for previous disputes and chargebacks. This helps in reducing disputes.
  10. Email Validation For Fraud Prevention. Just like sms validation the customer gets email where he/she has to click on authorize button and accept agreement.
  11. Easy and Simple Integration By Creating Online Payment buttons. Merchants can easily create easy to integrate HTML codes buttons.
    Comes with a Virtual Terminal with multi user capabilities. You can accept payments over web, Email and also Check by Phone.
  12. Genie Cash Box is a 100% USA Based Company. The genie cash box company is located in USA. All customer care and support is provided by US based representatives.
  13. This is a Prepaid Solution. You will not be shocked by inflated transaction fees.

Requirements And Charges For Genie Cash Box Echeck Merchant Account.

  1. One Time Activation Fee $ 49.95
  2. Merchant discount Rate 2.50%
  3. Monthly Fee $ 24.95
  4. Per Item Internet Verification Charge $ 1(Optional)
  5. Per item Fee $0.25
  6. Must Have USA Bank Account
  7. Must Have An Active Website
  8. Must Have Support Number and Email

Genie Cash Box Review By Quadrapay.

Based on our internal analysis we can certainly say that this is one of the best echeck solution. The solution will give maximum results with the combination of Internet Bank Verification and Fast deposit of check. If the merchant ignores IBV then this may attract bad checks. Delay in depositing the check may also result in NSF and bad checks. Having said that Merchants can easily control these challenges by using IBV and by ensuring faster deposit to the account. One must know that this is not an ACH solution. This is a verified check creating service. If you don’t deposit the check then money will not move to your account.

Is Genie Cash Box Legit ?

Yes it is Legit. It works on the Check21 concept. You can read about the Patent Related Information of Genie Cash Box here.

Type Of Merchants That Can Use Genie Cash Box Echeck

Here is a small list of industries that can use Genie Cash Box Echeck Services. You will notice that most industries are not accepted by Card and ACH processors. Adult Products, Forex Trading, Peptides & SARMs, Adult Videos, Furniture Stores, Phone Order Sales, Adult Webcams, Health Fitness Clubs, Pharmaceuticals, Airlines & Jet Charters, Hemp Products, Prepaid Calling Cards, Alcohol & Liquor, High Average Ticket, Psychics & Fortune Tellers, Art Collectors, Import / Export Brokers, Real Estate Agents, Bankruptcy Lawyers, Insurance Brokers, Replica Accessories, Bongs & Glassware, Kratom, Self-Defense Products, Business Advisers, Life Coaching, SEO Services, Business Opportunity, Lingerie Sales, Social Networking Sites, CBD Oil, Loan Modification, Sports Betting, CBD Products, Lotteries or Sweepstakes, Student Loan Relief, Coins & Collectibles, Male Enhancement, Subscription & Recurring, Computer Software, Magazine Subscriptions
Supplements, Contractors, Marijuana & Cannabis, TAX Consultants, Credit Repair, Marketing Services, Tech Support, Crypto & Digital Currency, Membership Programs, Telemarketing, Dating Services, Merchants with Bad Credit, Telemarketing services, Debt Collections, Modeling & Talent Agencies, Third-party Manufacturing, Debt Consolidation, Moving Companies, Tickets & Events, Document Preparation, Multi-Level Marketing, Timeshares, E-Cigs and Vapes, Numismatic Investments, Tobacco, Electronics, Nutraceuticals, Tour operators, Escort Listing Services, Online Dating, Transportation, Event Ticket Brokers, Online Sports, Travel Agencies, Extended Warranty Providers, Online Gaming, Vitamins, Fantasy Sports, Paraphernalia, VOIP Services, FFL Dealers
Pawn Shops, Warranties, Financial Planning, Payday Loans, Web Design, Licensed Firearms & Ammo,Penny Stocks and Weight Loss Programs.

Approval of Any Application Is subject to the approval from Genie Cash Box and not By Quadra Services. We are an Affiliate agent for Genie Cash Box. We may get some commission if you get approved and process through our recommended processors and solution providers.

Bankim Chandra
Bankim Chandra
Bankim Chandra is a Merchant Account consultant. He works with merchants globally and helps businesses in getting reliable payment processing solution. He writes extensively on the internet about Payment Gateways, Credit Card Processing, Echeck Processing, Chargeback Alerts, ACH and Business Funding.