How To Get And High Risk Merchant Account With Faster Approval

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There are conditions to refer to a company or a business as a high-risk business. One, It is performing business within a high-risk sector and risk of financial bankruptcy. The first condition talks about safety and health issues while the second talks about the company or business viability i.e. the continued profitability. Both conditions may affect a business chance or ability to acquire insurance, financing or merchant accounts.

The high level of chargebacks faced during the normal course of running a business makes financial institutions and merchant account providers to consider a business high risk, cases like credit card fraud, refunds or returns, a customer cancels a transaction when the merchant already received the payments. Businesses that don’t pay their bills on time (bad credit history), don’t provide collateral for loans or companies in a sector that have a high volume of accidents are considered high risk. High-risk merchants are advised to checkmate chargebacks to reduce risk.

There are business types considered high risk:

  1. Companies listed on the TMF or MATCH lists.
  2. A Business owner has poor credit.
  3. A Business that provide blacklisted products by financial institutions.
  4. Companies that provide future deliverable services.
  5. Business with high sale turnover without having enough company financials support chargeback liability.


A high-risk merchant account is a type of account designed by banks or merchant account provider that allows companies to process payments through the use of credit or debit card from customers. Payment is transferred a card issuing bank to a merchant account. The level of risk tied to that merchant account is determined by the business or company applying for the merchant account.


It is kind of express service provided by merchant providers or financial institutions, that allows high-risk businesses to start accepting credit and debit card as early as 24-48 hours. Base on some criteria custom to the account provider. Compare and contrast offers given by account provided to save time and money. There are some components that guarantee a merchant account with instant approval:

The business as to have a good credit history, paying the bills on time.

  1. Strong company financial support saved for the future.
  2. An operational website, which shows credibility.
  3. A valid means of identification.
  4. An article of incorporation.

If all these documents and information is provided increases the chances of getting approved without hiccups, the application goes to the underwriting department, where the underwriter approves. A risk analyst supervisor sometimes comes into play to give an approval. There are tips to take note when you approach a provider, terms like ‘preapproved’ can be used to entice you by a sales agents to get you to fill an application while you have no clue of the outcome. It takes about 3-5 working days to get a domestic account approved and 2 weeks or more for an offshore account. The process for approval takes a longer duration for new merchants who need to be vetted. It is advisable to do a comprehensive research on required documents saved in PDF format. A typed application is readable than a hand-written application. These always speed up the process of approval.

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