How Do I Get A High-Risk Merchant Account?


It is always challenging to get a merchant account for a high-risk business. You may be searching for the best eCommerce merchant account provider but most of them will say no to you. However, there is always a possibility for Merchants to get a payment processing solutions. In the next couple of hundred words, you will understand the ways to get the right payment processing solution for your high-risk business.


You must have the required documents and the prerequisites before applying for a merchant account. Let’s take an example of a Tech Support Merchant looking for a payment gateway. The first thing the tech support company must have is a registered business with a corporate bank account. This company can be registered anywhere in the world except few countries that are facing sanctions, embargo or war.

The company must have a website which mentions all the services and plans including the time frame of the subscription. The website must have a terms and conditions page. The purpose of putting the terms and conditions page is to ensure that the underwriters at the processing company understand how the company works. There must be a privacy policy which declares all the information the merchant is collecting and how it will be used. If the merchant is planning to sell their services in Europe, then there must be a cookie policy. We recommend merchants to put all the policies on the footer menu or the header menu.

For a tech support merchant, it is strongly recommended to have a disclaimer on the homepage which mentioned that the company is an independent support company without any association with any software and hardware brands unless specified.

The toll-free number should be visible on the homepage and the contact us page. Merchants should not put any references to any brands anywhere on the website.

We also recommend merchants to create a business plan. If you are running a professional company, then you must have your plan of action for the next couple of years.

When applying for tech support merchant account or any high risk merchant account you need to make sure that the KYC documents you will send to the underwriter should not be fake.

Never forget or tamper the documents. Please understand that the underwriters are incredibly talented people they can catch even the smallest of manipulation and it can be the reason for the decline of your application.

Before applying for a merchant account, please review online about all the information stated in the application form. Check if there are negative reviews about the Toll-Free Number, Support Email, Domain Name or Company Name.

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I hope this article must have given you a good understanding of how you can get a high-Risk Merchant Account. If you think that we can be of good help to you, then feel free to write to us on [email protected]. We will be glad to help you.
Please mention the following in the Business Plan :

  • What are your short-term goals long-term goals?
  • What are your Long Term Goals?
  • What is your sales strategy?
  • What is your marketing strategy?
  • How secure is your company concerning finances?
  • What is the source of Finance?
  • What is the contribution of each director concerning the financial investment?
  • Also, mention the KRA of each director.