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Our gift card merchant account comes with a lot of desired features. QuadraPay offers feature-rich gift card payment processing services. With our Gift Card Payment Processing, merchants can sell gift cards online and accept payment with well-known credit and debit cards. Merchants can increase their sales volume and elevate customer loyalty with our solutions.

As per the advancement in payment technology, we can now see a lot of diversified payment methods. It was a time when we used to rely on only a single currency, i.e., a cash-based payment method. Nowadays, people mostly prefer to pay using credit cards and debit cards. Along with these payment methods, some new payment methods are also booming. These are e-wallet payment, Gift card payment, ACH Payment, and E-check payments.

Gift cards provide the best method for sharing gifts, either electronically or physically. For a business owner, it is necessary to understand the types of gift cards so that there will be no confusion while accepting them from customers. A Gift Card Payment Gateway is all you need to receive gift card payments from customers.

We Offer Two Solutions For Gift Card Payment Acceptance.

Online Gift Card Payment Gateway. Business owners can integrate credit card processing on their gift card eCommerce store or mobile app with this fully compliant payment solution. Customers can use well-known credit cards, debit cards, virtual cards, and APMs to purchase available gift cards in various denominations.

Retail Gift Card Merchant Services. Our POS and Payment terminal solutions allow merchants to accept payments with gift cards. Merchants can use our terminals to sell gift cards at retail stores, kiosks, exhibitions, and roadshows.

Gift Card Merchant Program FAQ

How Does A Gift Card Merchant Account Work?

The working of a gift card merchant account is similar to any credit card merchant account; however, there is a slight difference. The payment gateway sends a validation/approval request to the gift card issuer in the case of gift cards. Please note that top card brands also offer gift cards. In that case, the request can go to the card brand also. Once the gift card number and balance are validated, the payment gateway approves the transaction. The merchant gets a confirmation for the order, and the card user receives a debit notification. The transaction is processed immediately.

What are the Key Advantages Of Advantages Of Gift Card Merchant Services

Gift Card Can Help You Elevate Your Brand Recognition. A business owner does not need to invest that much in brand advertisement for gift card merchant services. A business owner can start generating gift cards for their store and offer these to their valuable customers. On these gift cards, you can print the logo of your store. It will provide a great brand awareness among the community, and in the end, customers will visit your store to claim the amount in the gift card.

High Sales With Customers. Customers generally buy more billing items than the actual gift card value. For example, a user has a $ 100 gift card. Later on, they visit the online store or retail store to purchase using a gift card; they usually add products worth a lot more than $ 100. Merchants get better sales with better profit value using gift card merchant services.

Customer Asks For Refunds? No Problem. In most eCommerce stores or any other store where a refund or return period is available, customers generally ask for a refund or return the item. Such refunds can attract higher chargebacks to the business merchant. But with the help of gift card merchant services, if the customer has purchased with a gift card, the owner can offer the same to be reversed in the form of the gift card.

Develops Regular Customers For Repeat Business. Gift card processing is an excellent way to increase your customer base. For example, if a customer purchases a gift card from your store and later gifts it to someone who has never visited your store. So to redeem that gift card, that customer will surely come to your store who has never occurred before.

What Are The Different Categories Of Gift Cards Available In The US, Canada, And European Market?

Generally, there are two methods of gift cards to be retrieved or shared, among others. Quadrapay provides the best gift card payment gateway solution and gift card merchant services.

Digital Virtual Gift Cards. Customers can easily buy these electronic gift cards online or in-store. The best part of e-gift cards is that it is easy and fast to purchase by customers, and at the same time, it is easy to settle, and there is no hassle to carry and store a physical gift card. It is in digital form; it becomes the easiest and the best gift card to transfer through E-mail or SMS among your loved ones.

Physical Plastic/Paper Gift Card. These traditional gift cards are available at stores and online eCommerce sites. These can be plastic cards or even paper cards. It looks similar to a credit card or a debit card. It consists of a card number printed on it with an expiry date. A plastic gift card is best for purchasing in stores. It offers a simple shopping experience like we generally have with debit or credit card payments. A physical card is perfect for gifting purposes among colleagues, friends, and anyone. Some gift card providers allow card users to partially or fully use the balance stored in the gift card.

How Can Gift Card Merchant Services Help Boost Business Sales?

Many merchants underestimate alternative payment methods available, which usually cost very low compared to credit cards. Gift card merchant services are also one of them. Many potential customers are actively looking for stores and businesses to use their gift cards. Suppose your company is accepting those gift cards. In that case, there is an excellent probability that those customers will come to your store or business to shop.

By implementing a gift card merchant service in your business, you can easily advertise that you accept those gift cards at your store. A gift card payment gateway helps boost the brand name and attract more customers.

How Does Refund And Chargeback Work With Gift Card Merchant Program?

Gift card is a generic term, and there are many players in the market. So the refund and liability terms depend a lot on the gift card brand and merchant terms. If the terms allow refunds and offer chargeback protection, the customers can get refunds and raise disputes. Please note that our Gift card Payment Gateway has built-in AI-driven fraud filters and thus reduces the risk of chargebacks and refunds.


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