Gift Card Processing

Secrets Of The Gift Card Processing With Quadrapay & How To Get Started With Your Small Business

As per the ongoing development in the internet and technology, the way of payment is also developed a lot in this meanwhile timeline. Rather than ordinary modes of payment like debit card payments, credit card processing payments, we can see more new methods of payment processing like electronic cash wallets, ach payments, bitcoins and now even with a gift card processing as a mode payment to fulfill your order transactions.

These gift cards are now very active to help in increasing overall profits in your business. Because it allows you to invest in a low-cost way for your business to increase sales, increase your brand reputation and awareness, which also increases your market value. That’s why we advise a small business to implement a gift card solution as a payment method which will result in a super boost in your overall sales which we will mention in this post, p.s we are also going to share a secret behind the gift card purchases as a method of payments.

Different Types Of Gift Certificates For Gift Card Processing!

Quadrapay provides several payment processing solutions like gift card loyalty programs with its expertise in the merchant and payment gateway solutions so that you can accept these gift cards and get them processed quickly.

  • Physical Gift Card: A plastic gift card with a magnetic chip can be redeemed for your product and services with a partial or full redemption of funds loaded up in the gift card. It is the same just like a genie prepaid card which can be obtained, but a gift card can be gifted to someone else to use it.
  • E-Gift Cards: These electronic cards can be purchased online according to your gift card amount, and because it is sent on your registered e-mail or messaging service, it is easy to transfer to your loved ones quickly.

Boost up your business sales with Quadrapay Gift Card Processing! Wondering How?

Gift Card processing is a game-changer, especially for a small business who are currently running underrated.

  • Helps In Branding: You don’t have to invest that much in the advertisement as a customized gift card where you can print a logo or your brand name onto the gift cards. And then sell it on other websites which offer gift cards, and this will also increase your brand name and attract regular customers on your business portal.
  • Mega Boost In Spendings: As per the analysis reports, it states that people who purchase a gift card, generally spend more than the actual amount of the gift card while redeeming it. For example, a user obtains a 50 dollar gift card online, but at the time of redeeming it at the store, they pick up goods for more than 50 dollars which will result in a boost in your business revenue.
  • Develops A Regular Customer For Your Repeat Business: A gift card processing is an excellent way of significant bonus method to increase your customer base. For example, if a customer purchases a gift card from your store, and later he gifts it to someone who has never visited your store. So to redeem that gift card that customer will surely come to your store who has never occurred before. The same way you can set up a game by providing a gift card of a certain amount to your customer at the pos system for the time of billing which can be redeemed on the next invoice on a certain fixed amount of transaction.
  • Refunds! No Problem: In some cases, when a customer returns an order which was purchased on a gift card. So rather than refunding cash, you can refund it into the gift card so that the refunded amount in the gift card can be used only on the next purchase again at your store only.

Happy Processing!

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