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Who Else Wants To Be Successful With Gun Friendly Credit Card Processors?

If you are looking for gun friendly credit card processors, you came to the right place. While most of the processors do not offer to process for firearms merchants as it includes high risk credit card processor transactions. But Quadrapay offers high-risk credit card processing that provides payment processing for gun dealers also with a full hassle-free experience of payments while integration with your existing retailer software to accept transactions from the point of sale payments directly with ensuring the maximum level of security while transacting through online credit card processing solutions.

Why Is Quadrapay Considered As One Of The Best Gun Friendly Credit Card Processors?

A firearm credit card business is regulated by the government, which requires a lot of underwriting from the high risk merchant account specialists. That’s why most of the credit card processors do not work with the high risk merchants such as the sale of firearms business merchants.

Quadrapay have developed a stronger partnership with many federal firearms industry licenced friendly banks and many services. And comes supporting the list of one of the best gun friendly credit card processors; that’s why we are proud and confident to support many gun shops merchants.

We offer:

  • Fast and Easy application process.
  • Low transaction fees compared to other processing services in the market.
  • Stable and faster processing of firearm credit card payments.
  • No unusual payment freezes.
  • All transactions are processed with a highly secured gateway with PCI compliance.

What Are The Requirements To Obtain A Gun Merchant Account?

To operate your firearms business online, you must qualify with a gun friendly credit card processors, and for this, you need to submit these essential documents:

  • Federal Firearms Licence: It is a licence in which you are authorized to sell any guns or ammunition that is issued under the Act of Gun Control 1968, BATFE (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives).
  • MCC (Merchant Category Code): It contains a four-digit number that is assigned to you according to the service and product types of firearms you trade-in.

The Types Of Federal Firearms License Vary For Businesses Areas Are Such:

  • A dealer that trades in Explosive Devices.
  • An explosive devices manufacturer.
  • A firearms collector.
  • Explosive devices and other firearms pawnshop brokers.
  • A firearm or ammunition manufacturer and this allows only to deal according to the act.

What Are The Requirements To Obtain A Federal Firearms Licence For A Gun Friendly Credit Card Processors?

To get approval and obtain a Federal Firearms Licence for a gun friendly credit card processors, one should be eligible for the requirements as follows:

  • No violations of an act of gun control.
  • Age should be above than 21 years.
  • To conduct and operate a business, the merchant service must have premises.
  • Must not have any history of non-disclosure of information related to the application.

If you have any queries regarding firearms merchant accounts, kindly contact us at [email protected].

Payment Processor Challenges In Firearms And Gun Industry

The American Fire Arms Industry has an excellent market place. The Firearms & Ammunition Industry plays an important role in America’s Economy. In fact, in 2018, the Firearms and Ammunition Industry was accountable for as much as $52.09 billion in total economic movement in America. The industry has immense potential. You can view the report at

If you are also a merchant from Firearms and Ammunition industry, you might know the challenges to get a payment solution. Though the industry is contributing a significant part in the country’s economy, still it is declared as a high-risk industry by the acquiring bank. Most of the processor doesn’t want to touch this industry. Hence it is a challenge to find a reliable Credit Card Processing Account For Firearms And Gun Dealers.

But don’t worry and stop your research here. Quadrapay has a solution for you. We are a reseller of various payment processor. We have partnered processor in the US to help merchants with different payment solutions. Let’s discuss why most of the processor are not able to provide solutions to this industry. We will also discuss some of the benefits of getting a Merchant Account for Firearms and Gun Business.

Why Are Credit Card Solution For Firearms And Gun Dealers Difficult To Find?

Selling Firearms or Ammunition or even accessories are somewhat legal but require a proper licence. Many merchants face legal and financial liabilities issues. There are substantial chargeback issues and fraudulent transactions seen in this industry. This might be the reasons that most of the processor don’t want to make any contract with this industry type.

Then questions might come Why Quadrapay offers a reliable solution to this industry type? Because we are highly experienced in helping merchants from many high-risk industries. We have already helped many merchants with a reliable payment solution. Our processing partners can provide various solutions for your industry type. These solutions are Credit Debit, ACH, Echeck Services or APMs.
Merchant Services For Firearms And Gun Shop With Quadrapay

With Quadrapay you will get one of the best Credit Card Processing options For Firearms And Gun Dealers. Some of the benefits include:-
Gun Friendly Merchant Account

Free or Low Set-up Charge
Easy Integration
Better Transactional Rate.
Accept multi-currencies and all major cards.
Virtual Terminal
POS for your retail store.
Mobile payment solutions
24×7 Customer Support.
Get Your Gun Friendly Credit Card Processor With Quadrapay

The very first step to getting you started is to fill the pre-approval form onto our site. We ensure a high approval rate with merchant satisfaction. Once you fill the form, we will analyze your business and get back to you mostly within 24 hrs. Our dedicated expert helps you throughout the process, from documentation to integration. We have served many businesses to get their payment solution live in short time.