Handicraft Payment Gateway

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Handicraft Payment Gateway By Quadrapay

In today’s competitive world every industry is looking forward to exploring the potential on the world wide web. The handicraft industry has evolved a lot and today there many independent websites and marketplaces that are promoting handicraft products to customers in different locations of the world. Traditionally these artisans were only able to produce a small volume of products. The market for consumption was local. Various government agencies across the globe have taken the initiative of creating self-help groups. These groups are now producing better handicraft items in much bigger volume. Self-help groups take raw materials like Metal, Paper, Leather, Wood, Fabric, Stone, Glasses, Seashells and various other elements to create amazingly beautiful handicraft items. Quadrapay understands that this industry is going to be massive in the next coming years. Our team has already evaluated best payment gateway providers for handicraft merchants. These solutions are available to independent handicraft E-commerce websites as well as marketplaces. By using Credit Card processing, these business owners can accept cross-border payments for Handicraft sales. Whether you are selling Baskets, Handbags, Photo frame, Decorative items, Artificial Jewellery, Handmade Cosmetics, Candles, Sculptures and Modern Art Quadrapay will find a solution for you. Please send us an email on [email protected] to get more details about various payment processing modes for this line of business.

The Handicraft payment gateway easily integrates with websites. Customers can easily navigate to the site and select preferred handicraft items. The payment gateway solutions support popular content management systems that are used on E-Commerce websites as well as B2B marketplaces. After making the selection, the customer can initiate the payment on the checkout page. All the payment gateway solutions that we recommend for handicraft merchants at fully compliant to the latest PCI DSS standards.

Handicraft Merchant Account

Quadrapay understands this very clearly that just by getting a payment gateway businesses in the handicraft industry will not be able to accept credit card payments. Entrepreneurs require robust merchant account that can collect the funds, hold it for a while and eventually settle it into the business bank account of the merchant. It is essential to maintain the cash flow, and that is why we work with payment processing companies that offer fast payouts. Our merchant account solutions are cost effective and are available to businesses located in multiple countries. At this point, our processing partners can help companies in the European Union, European economic area, Middle East, United States and many Asian countries. The application process for a merchant account is simple and usually takes less than few minutes. The merchant is required to submit a detailed application form to the payment processing company. In the application form, the merchant will be able to give a comprehensive snapshot of the overall handicraft business activity. This detailed information helps PSPs in easily identified the risk exposure. If the processing company is comfortable with the credit score and the financial standing of the business owner, then there is a high possibility that the merchant accounts for handicraft with be approved. After the approval of the handicraft merchant account and payment gateway, Quadrapay will work with you to assist in the integration process. We are pretty sure that most of a payment processing companies can offer readymade plugins for popular content management system or and platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Prestashop, Opencart to name a few.

USA ACH Echeck Payment Gateway for Handicraft Exporters.

Large volume exporters who primarily sell to businesses and customers in the United States of America can also use Echeck and ACH payment processing solutions. These handicraft exporters can get access to the virtual terminal for echeck processing. They can even get an API integration facility so that customers can easily make ACH or check payment through the handicraft website. Merchants who accept orders in bulk can also use the bulk cheque processing facility. Processing companies can offer this facility to merchants who are primarily exporters of handicraft items. Apart from echeck also plays a vital role in international business between the United States and many countries. If your local bank is comfortable in accepting USD checks from the United States, then you can also evaluate e-check facility. To get more detailed information about how your handicraft business can take advantage of ACH and echeck, then please send us an Email on [email protected].

KYC For Handicraft Payment Gateway

It is vital to understand the mandatory requirements when you apply for a handicraft payment gateway. There can be one of the two results when you send a merchant account application to a PSP. Acceptance or Rejection. Nobody likes rejection, and that is why we have these suggestions that will help you to improve the chances of getting a merchant account for your business. When you send the application to a processing company, you will also be asked to submit the copies of KYC documents. Most of the times the KYC documents include a business licence, Identification proof of the business owners, Utility bills and bank statements. The most critical KYC element for handicraft merchants can be these.

  • Industry certification
  • Handicraft Association Membership Certificate
  • Suppliers agreement/Vendor agreement
  • Appreciation letter from government agencies
  • Import-export licences

Please keep in mind that depending upon the nation of merchants registration these KYC requirements may vary. At this point, you do not have to worry because you only need to submit an online application. Our team will evaluate your website and let you know about the required KYC documents. When you send the complete KYC documents to the processing company, then the institution feels that they are working with the reasonable and professional organisation. It can improve the chances of the approval.

Website Compliance For Handicraft Card Processing.

Website compliance also plays a critical role in the approval of a Credit Card processing solution for handicraft business.

  • Your website should clearly define your business model.
  • Avoid adding items which are not related to the handicraft industry.
  • Only sell the products that you are licenced to sell.
  • Try to avoid products that are very expensive as these products may increase the risk of exposure.
  • Make sure the delivery time frame of the handicraft items is on the shipping policy page.
  • You return policy should help customers understand how they can ask for a refund or return in case if they are not satisfied with the handicraft products.
  • To ensure that the security of credit card information you handicraft website must have an active SSL certificate.

Top CMS Platforms For Handicraft Sales

The top-notch content management systems that are used across the world by handicraft websites are WordPress, Woocommerce, Shopify and Prestashop. When you choose these content management systems, you should look at multiple factors. WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems. When you join WordPress with Woocommerce, then your website converts into an E-Commerce platform. Various themes are available for handicraft websites. Sites like ThemeForest and template monster can help you in choosing the right theme for your website. You can also select Opencart which is great for content management. You should also keep in mind that you choose a content management system on which your technical team is trained on. There is no benefit of using a CMS that you cannot manage. Shopify also works great as it requires minimal technical knowledge.

Send us an email on [email protected] to get more details about how our team can assist you in getting a great credit card processing solution for your handicraft business.

Bankim Chandra
Bankim Chandra
Bankim Chandra is a Merchant Account consultant. He works with merchants globally and helps businesses in getting reliable payment processing solution. He writes extensively on the internet about Payment Gateways, Credit Card Processing, Echeck Processing, Chargeback Alerts, ACH and Business Funding.