Seven Secret Benefits Of Hemp Product Payment Processing

Grow Your Business With Hemp Product Payment Processing

The sudden rise in the demand for CBD products has made the hemp industry as one of the most profitable and booming business industry. Experts also forecast that the industry of Hemp and CBD is getting so much in popularity that this industry might cross the revenue over 2.6 billion dollars by 2022. This brings an excellent opportunity for new business merchants that started Hemp businesses. In order to expand the CBD business and gain profits, getting a hemp product payment processing is a must requirement. Now with Quadrapay, you don’t have to worry about in terms of looking payment processing solutions. With our industrial expertise, we will look for the best and most reliable CBD payment processing solutions for your Hemp businesses.

Why Do You Need A Hemp Payment Processing Solution?

As a hemp products business owner, you might already know that a CBD or Hemp businesses come under the high-risk processing category. For such risky businesses, most of the financial institutes and banks generally deny the application for CBD merchant account. This creates a lot of issues for new business merchants to get the right payment processing solution. But with Hemp product payment processing solution by Quadrapay, you can achieve better processing solution and even reasonable processing rates.

Benefits of Hemp Products Payment Processing?

We at Quadrapay are working with well-experienced industry experts, especially in terms of Hemp high-risk merchant services. We know how to provide you best in class payment processing solution and quickly fund settlements. Some of the significant advantages of hemp product payment processing solution are as follows:

  • Low Processing Charges: As a Hemp business owner who comes under the high-risk category needs to pay higher processing charges because of the processing risks. But with us, you can achieve better rates on card payment processing solutions. We provide you with the benefits of low-cost processing charges in comparison to others in the industry. This helps you to save much more in terms of processing and achieve more in the overall business revenue.
  • Fast Approvals: We understand that as a new small business owner, you are looking for a solution with quick onboarding to process ongoing payments. That is why we made the application procedures smoother and faster onboarding. Our industry experts are dedicated to providing you with benefits with our high-risk merchant services. Just like a fast approval merchant account, we try our best to approve your application within 48 hours after gathering all required documents and information.
  • High Volume Processing: For businesses such as CBD, there is also a requirement for high volume processing solution. With our hemp product payment processing solution, you can easily process high volume sales and settlement into your acquiring business bank account.
  • Extensive Network: We have a global payment exposure, and that is how we offer the best processing solutions across the globe. We always have a solution for each and every processing business merchant with international services and acquiring banks so that you can always experience a hassle-free payment processing.
  • PCI Compliance: Just like the rise and boom of the CBD business, the number of cyber frauds is also increasing day by day. But as a business merchant, you don’t have to worry about with hemp product payment processing solution. With the help of high-risk payment gateway that is operating under the guidelines and regulations of PCI DSS compliance, your customers and your business are always safeguarded.
  • Safeguard From Chargebacks:  A chargeback is the major issue of business merchant that are specially working in terms of a high-risk industry. We provide fraud prevention and chargeback prevention mechanisms which provided regular assistance to keep your chargebacks under the threshold limits and provides you with a reminder before it hits the red alarm.
  • International Payments: Nowadays, globalization is another name of business growth and profits. For this, a Hemp business merchant needs to have a full-fledged website that is easy to access from any part of the country. By this approach, you can take several benefits of accepting different currency payments and an increase in the number of international customers.

For more information on Hemp Product Payment Processing solution, you can mail us at [email protected].

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