Four Big Reasons For High Risk Ecommerce Merchant Account

Time To Know Truth About High Risk Ecommerce Merchant Account

As an Ecommerce business merchant, you might be looking for a reliable payment processing solution. The eCommerce market is one of the booming industry in terms of every aspect. Nowadays, nearly every product can be purchased online through the eCommerce platform. But this does not mean that everyone will have the same set of protocols to sell products online. There are several products and services that make a business to be considered under a high-risk category. In order to accept payments for high risk eCommerce business, you need a High Risk Ecommerce Merchant Account. This processing account for high-risk will allow you to accept credit card or debit card payments for your eCommerce website.

Why Do You Need A High Risk Ecommerce Merchant Account?

Every business needs a payment processing solution in order to accept and settle payments for their sold products online. But there is some business that is considered as high-risk processing by financial institutions and banks. That is why if a business merchant applies for a merchant account and gets rejected because of risky processing suffers a lot in order to get a reliable processing solution. Now with Quadrapay, you don’t have to worry about waddling around for a merchant account for your high risk eCommerce business. With our high risk eCommerce merchant account, you can enjoy a seamless onboarding procedure with the payment processor that is best as per your business needs.
Some of the significant benefits of our high risk eCommerce merchant account are as follows:

  • Seamless Onboarding Process: The best part of a high risk eCommerce merchant account with Quadrapay is that we make the whole onboarding process easier for you. A business owner needs to provide all the information required in the application form and KYC documents, which is to be passed to the payment processor. Rest of the approval procedures will be undertaken by the processor to finalize your high risk eCommerce merchant account application approval. This helps an eCommerce business merchant to have a simple and straightforward merchant application onboarding procedure.
  • Highly Secured Payment Gateway: As the demand for eCommerce market is rising day by day and digital platform is more encouraged, the number of online frauds are also increasing day by day. Especially in the case of high risk eCommerce business, it is a must-have to get a secured environment to process payment transactions. High risk eCommerce merchant account comes with a payment gateway that runs under the guidelines and regulations of PCI DSS compliance. PCI DSS knew as the payment card industry and data security standard. This provides an additional layer of security in payment gateway and makes it more secured and reliable.
  • Protection From Chargebacks And Assistance: When a customer files a dispute over an order placed through the High risk eCommerce website, a chargeback is issued. If these number of charges accumulate and surpasses the threshold limit, the eCommerce business merchant requires to pay the exceptional costs and can even become a reason for account termination. These charges might negatively impact a lot on your overall profits and business sales.
  • Multi-Currency Payment Acceptance: For an eCommerce business, it is necessary to have multi-currency support. As on a global basis, your eCommerce business website is visible to everyone. If a customer wants to purchase products that are residing in an offshore country, then the customer will always try to pay in their local currency. This also helps in to achieve better sales and profits from high risk eCommerce business. In order to attract more international customers to your business, a business merchant should have a supporting payment processing solution. All these funds will be settled in your acquiring bank account after paying all the processing charges that are involved.

Customer Support And Service: Having a digital platform for selling products and services needs to be a seamless experience for every customer. It is very much vital to have a reliable customer and tech support service along with as your backup support. This helps you to quickly resolve high-risk business merchant problems and glitches.

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