High Risk Gateway

Take Advantage Of High Risk Gateway To Increase Business Revenue

If you want to operate an online business and want to make it successful in terms of reliability and generate more revenue with an increase in sales of products and services online. You will need a payment processing company solution for your online business offered by Quadrapay. Our high risk gateway is specially designed to process the high risk transactions of your business trades which is necessary. For new generation payment methods like debit cards, e-wallets, ach payment processing, echeck, bitcoin payments which comes under high risk credit card processing and thus requires a high risk gateway to process them successfully.

You Should Implement A High Risk Gateway For Your Website!

Every customer that visits your website to purchase some of the products and services you offer expects to have an error-free and a seamless experience while moving to the checkout page. If any problem occurs while the payment which results in a failed transaction might make a wrong impression towards your customer, hence this can create a big issue for the loss of revenue of your business dealings that you operate on a daily basis.

Quadrapay provides a high risk gateway solution for business owner merchants and a variety of tools that are specially designed for small scale business that helps them to gain a boost to make their sales sky high.

The high risk payment gateway provides facility to customers to safely pass the credit card sensitive information with the high risk gateway towards the high risk merchant account. These funds can be later transferred to the desired business acquiring bank account from the high risk merchant account.

Importance of A Highly Secured Gateway Like One From Quadrapay

Every day, there are lots of transactions being done through accepting credit card swipes, e-wallet payments, Echeck processing, and a lot more. The main concern arises the security of the sensitive pieces of information being transferred from these payment portals, which can be vulnerable to a cyber security issue.

Don’t Worry! Our high risk gateway is completely secured with the guidelines and regulations provided by Payment card industry and data security standards (PCI DSS), this ensures your international credit card payments information is completely secured while transacting online.

Requirements To Obtain a High Risk Gateway For Your Online Business

To get a high risk gateway for your high risk merchant account business, you need to follow a simple and easy to understand and submit the following documents which are essential for the verification purpose.

  • A government-issued ID like a passport or your driving licence.
  • A high risk businesses account.
  • Bank statement up to the last three months.
  • If applicable, statements of business processing up to the previous three months.
  • A secured online website where you want to implement the high risk gateway.
  • Employer Identification Number.

We provide you with a customized high risk gateway merchant accounts solution that fits the requirements and the most suitable for your business where you deal. With our fast and straightforward approval solutions, you don’t have to wait to start running your business online and gain more profits by selling your products and services with the right payment processor solution like Quadrapay.

Our expert customer support and service can be contacted at [email protected].

Happy Processing!

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