High Risk Merchant Account Providers

High Risk Merchant Account Providers

High Risk Merchant Account Providers

High Risk Merchant Account Providers

High Risk Merchant Account Providers – Find Like A Pro!

Credit card processing companies play a critical role in the growth of any online business. Unfortunately, not every processor will on-board merchants from every business types. Some industries may require High Risk merchant account providers. These merchants may have to approach payment service providers that are comfortable with high-risk sectors. High risk merchant account providers implement stronger measures to reduce risk disputes, Fraud and Chargebacks. Merchants find it challenging to identify the correct processor that can help on-board businesses from Industries that attract high chargeback to sales ratio. In this detailed article, you will get to know vital information about High-Risk Merchant Account providers and how to find the best one for you.

How To Choose The Best High Risk Merchant Account Provider.

When you are looking forward to choosing a merchant account provider for your high risk business, then you should look at various factors. The most critical factor is reputation. A processing company with multiple years of experience and excellent reputation can undoubtedly add value to your business. High risk Credit Card processing is a very competitive sub-sector within the payment processing industry. There are thousands of website claiming to offer high risk merchant account solutions. You should not only look at the site, but you should also look at the reputation of the merchant account provider. Check online reviews and industry recognition.

It would help if you also looked at features related to fraud prevention and chargeback reduction. Most processing companies that on-board merchants from high risk categories like

and others use high-end fraud prevention techniques. These features include 3D secure processing, Tokenization, Velocity check, AVS Address verification system, Geolocation identification and IP address validation.

Most payment service providers do not directly advertise for high risk industries as it may hurt they online reputation. It is the key reason why they join hands with resellers. These resellers independently advertise solutions for these high risk industry types. To get connected with the reliable High Risk Merchant Account provider for your business send us an email on [email protected]

Why It Is Tough To Get A High Risk Merchant Account Provider.

It is tough because there are not so many. That’s correct a tiny fraction of payment service providers offer high risk merchant solicitation services. To understand this, you will have to know a little bit more about 2 type of processing entities.

High Risk Independent Sales Organization – HR- ISO

A High risk independent sales organisation also known as HR ISO establishes relationships with acquiring Institutions and offers Card processing services to merchant belonging to high risk band categories.

High-Risk Internet Payment Facilitator (HRIPF).

This kind of payment facilitator establishes relationships with acquiring Institution and signup merchants that fall into the high risk band category.

The reason why we are trying to explain these two entities is that they are the best solution providers for businesses in the high risk categories. high risk merchant account providers that you work with must either be a high risk ISO or high risk Internet payment facilitator.

You can find a detailed list of high risk iso and High Risk Internet payment facilitator on websites of various card brands/Card Schemes. Please note that these ISOs and Payfacs may not provide assistance to all MCC. They may only work with selective merchant classification codes.

What Are High Risk Providers Looking For?

Some may say that high risk providers can probably on board any business type. In reality this is not the case. high risk ISO or high risk Internet payment facilitators also have to follow the guidelines, regulations and the terms and conditions laid down by various card schemes and acquiring institutions. High risk merchant account providers only offer the solution after an in-depth evaluation and risk analysis.

These providers wish to work with merchants that are legal and do not violate any regulations. They also prefer to work with companies that are financially sound and have professional day to day activities.

Rates Of High Risk Providers For Card Processing.

The rate and the fees vary depending upon multiple factors. Some providers may offer interchange-plus pricing model and may also provide fast settlements like T + 2 or T+ 3. Unfortunately not every merchant is lucky, and some may have to accept high transaction fees, Rolling reserve and delayed payout. The processing company always decides the pricing based on a strict analysis of risk projection. The lower the risk, the better pricing and terms a merchant can accept. Our team works hand in hand with Merchants and helps them in finding reliable High risk merchant account providers from the world over.

How to Apply With A High Risk ISO?

You can directly apply with high risk merchant account providers. If you are not aware of the direct provider, then you can take the assistance of resellers like Quadrapay.com. We can get you connected to processing companies that may onboard high risk businesses from most industries.

To get more details about high risk merchant account providers and the merchant processing industry follow this blog. We regularly update this blog about relevant merchant services articles and news.