Get A High Risk Merchant Acquirer In 2021 For High Volume Payment Processing

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High Risk Merchant Acquirer By Quadrapay

Quadrapay Proudly Offers Robust Solutions From Tier 1 High Risk Merchant Acquirers

You might hear a lot of times this word “acquirer” or an acquiring bank. Sometimes it can mean a business or corporation. Which takes over the other business by purchasing it or through any different sort of action. But in the industry of payment processing. This means as a merchant account. Or a settlement bank which is an authorized member with the card providers of credit card associations. This high risk merchant acquirer analyzes the transactions. And then accepts a high-risk business by approving a high-risk merchant account for them. This high-risk merchant account provided by high-risk merchant acquirers has several benefits. It helps a business to accept debit card and credit card payments inadequately and secured manner.

What Is The Role Of A High Risk Merchant Acquirer In Processing Transactions?

A high-risk merchant acquirer does a back-end role in the procedure of transaction processing. The high-risk merchant acquirer facilitates the exchange of funds. Between a bank that issued the credit card being used for making the payment. And the merchant, who has all the debts of the high-risk credit card processing, needs to be settled. A high-risk merchant acquirers must be contracted for payment processing and fund-settlement. It acts as a third party partner in the processes of transaction processing.
The high-risk merchant acquirer or the payment acquirers exchanges the payment information. This includes an exchange with the card issuer on behalf of the business merchant. Post settlement, the high-risk business merchant receives the fund. Deducting the high-risk merchant acquirer charges, interchange charges. While most of the high-risk merchant acquirers charges per transaction processing fee and a monthly fee. This includes all allegations of fraud protection measures and the network processing charges.

How Much Time The High-Risk Merchant Acquirers Takes To Fulfill the Funds Settlement?

It totally depends on the contract between the high-risk business merchant. And the high-risk merchant acquirers. Generally, It may get settled within 48 hours. This includes the complete procedure of transaction initialization by the customer. And then finally being paid into the business merchant’s bank account. But it can also take up to 3-4 days as per the agreement of high-risk merchant acquirers.

What Are The Main Benefits Of High-Risk Merchant Acquirer From Quadrapay?

Nowadays, a lot of problems and challenges are arising day by day. While processing several modes of payments from customers. A retailer can opt for a high-risk merchant acquirer. This reduces the burden and has a hassle-free payment processing experience. Quadrapay is an industry expert in terms of providing one of the best high-risk merchant services. Also B2B merchant accounts services and third party credit card processing solutions. With the help of an extensive span network of payments across the world. We offer several benefits with our high-risk merchant acquirers solution as:

  • Helping you to increase your business sales. Because we take care of all your payments and conversion rates.
  • Secured high-risk payment gateway. Operating under the regulations and guidelines. Payment card industry and data security standards (PCI DSS).
  • Full transparent payment processing fee rates.
  • All your payment processing solutions under a single contract.

If you have any concerns regarding high risk merchant acquirers. Or any other processing solutions, we are ready to assist you at [email protected].

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