High-Risk Merchant Processing – The Door To Opportunities

High-risk Merchant Processing Open Door To Opportunities

High-risk merchant processing can be challenging, but it opens the door to many of the opportunities. With a high-risk merchant account, the businesses are not limited to one country. The merchant can sell in most of the countries across the globe. But this is not the case with a low merchant account which allows you to accept payments only in the single currency. Another advantage of a high-risk merchant account is that your account is not terminated for common reasons. For example, exceeding the monthly limit of transaction may suspend your account. A merchant enjoys higher liabilities with a High-risk Merchant Processing.

High-Risk Merchant Account And How Does It Work

High-risk merchants accounts are needed by the businesses which are categorised as high risk by the processor. The businesses which are categorised in the list of risk, they have to have a high-risk merchant account to process credit card payments. The reason for the need of a high-risk merchant account is that it helps to avoid the risk of your merchant account closure or terminated. Account termination is the most common problems with the merchants from high-risk industries. If the processor finds something negative in your business transaction your account may get suspended. Your funds may also get in hold with your processor. But with high-risk merchant processing, businesses will get higher liabilities and limits. The account is suitable for those merchants whose average monthly transaction volume is high. Or the businesses that are more likely prone to chargebacks.

High-Risk Payment Gateway

The business with an online eCommerce store needs a payment gateway solution to process card payments. If your online stores sell products which require federal approval or products such as nutraceutical, CBD oil products or drugs, then your online site requires a high-risk payment gateway. Not all payment gateways are equal and same. Payment gateways are available with different functionalities and services. Your business risk or services you offer decides what type of payment gateway best suits your business.

The high-risk payment gateway is suitable for an eCommerce site selling its products in more than one countries. It helps your customer to pay you in their local currency. And the collected funds will be settled into your business bank account in your local currency.

Offshore Merchant Account For High-Risk Merchants

Offshore merchant accounts are a type of merchant account that resides in a non-resident country. The offshore merchant account is best for those who are high-risk merchants. Sometimes local businesses categorised as high-risk face challenges in getting a merchant account in their local country. Then they look for a foreign processor for high-risk credit card processing. Offshore merchant accounts are flexible and easy to approve the merchant solution. That is why it is the most attractive solution for high-risk merchants.

Which Businesses Require A High-Risk Merchant Processing?

  • High Average Monthly Sales Volume: Business whose monthly sales volume is high requires a high-risk merchant processing solution. They get higher limits and liabilities, which helps the business to run smoothly.
  • High Chargebacks: Chargebacks are very frustrating for merchants. And if there is an undesirable number of chargebacks, the processor may suspend the merchant account. So it is advisable to have a merchant account which can cover the risk. We help merchants with chargeback alerts service. It helps them to mitigate and maintain their chargeback ratio.
  • Products Or Services Concerned With Legalities: If you are selling a product which is not legal in your jurisdiction or requires federal or state approval, you may consider it as a risky business. Products such as CBD or drugs require higher privileges and thus a high-risk merchant account.
  • Require Recurring Billing Feature: Are you a business offering recurring billing features to your customers? Then you definitely need a high-risk merchant service. The processors flag the subscription or recurring based businesses as high risk.
  • Cross Border Transaction: Whether you are doing B2B or B2C, if you doing a cross border transaction, you have to have a high-risk merchant account.

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