Do You Really Need High-Risk Merchant Services?

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High-Risk Merchant Services Quadrapay

Who Needs A High-Risk Merchant Services?

A business merchant who wants to sell the products or services that are under strong legal regulations and age restrictions requires high-risk merchant services. These businesses are generally prone to high chargebacks or frauds. Because of the high risks associated, banks and other financial institutions consider them as highly risky practice. That’s why a business operating in a high-risk business category requires to have high-risk merchant services to accept credit card payments and sell products and services online.

What Are The Industries That Are Categorized Under ‘High-Risk’?

Business Merchants working in the High-Risk Industries requires a high-risk merchant account to sell their products and services of the following categories:

Benefits Of High-Risk Merchant Services From Quadrapay

Quadrapay is well experienced in high-risk industries. We know how to provide the best in class payment experience and quickly fund settlements. Some of the major benefits we provide to our valuable business merchants are:

  • Low Processing Charges: We provide you benefit of lowest processing charges in comparison to others in the industry. This helps you to save a lot in processing and achieve more in the overall business revenue.
  • Fast Approvals: We know every second count in the language of business. Our industry experts are dedicated to providing you with benefits with our high-risk merchant services. Just like a fast approval merchant account, we try our best to approve your application within 48 hours.
  • High Volume Processing: You can take advantage of high volume processing capacity as you require. So you can easily grow your business with the help of our high-risk merchant services solution.
  • Extensive Network: We have a wide-spread network with international services and acquiring banks. So that you can always have a hassle-free payment experience
  • PCI Compliance: With the help of high-risk payment gateway, you can rest assured about security. Under the regulations and guidelines of PCI DSS compliance, our payment gateway safeguards your customers and your business.
  • Safeguard From Chargebacks: We know chargebacks are enemy of your business profits and business ratings. That’s why we provide chargeback alerts facility so which helps you to reduce the occurrence of chargebacks.
  • International Payments: Expand your business globally like with our global merchant account services. By this, you can take advantage of accepting several currencies and international customers.
  • Customer Support: There are a lot of chances of risks involved while operating a high-risk business. That’s why having good customer support and service is highly required. We provide 24*7 customer assistance service. Ensuring that you can always have a seamless payment processing experience.

If you still need any further assistance in terms of high-risk merchant services, you can reach us at [email protected].

Happy Processing!!!

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