High-Risk Pay Merchant Account Make Your Business Transaction Easy

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High-Risk Pay Merchant Account Quadrapay

Make Your Business Easy With High-Risk Pay Merchant Account

Every merchant knows the importance of digital payment methods. But things may get difficult for you if you operate a high-risk business. Same is with getting a merchant account solution for it. Most of the financial agencies and banks reject a merchant application as they see a risky business. There can be a lot of other reasons for application rejection like high-chargeback and fraud, business reputation issue, low credit rating, etc. But don’t worry because now you can quickly get a high-risk pay merchant account solution with Quadrapay. So contact us today for the best merchant account solution specially customized for your business needs.

Who Needs A High-Risk Pay Merchant Account?

There can be various reasons that you might end up looking for a high-risk merchant processing solution. Either it can because of high chargebacks, history of any frauds, bad credit card scores, some reputational issues. Generally, if your business comes under any of the following industries, then you may need to look for a high-risk pay merchant account solution.

  • Cannabis products
  • Stored Value or Virtual Currency
  • Firearm dealers
  • Multi-level marketing
  • Investment Services
  • Online dating websites
  • Debt Services
  • Trading Adult products
  • Online Horoscopes services
  • Online Auctions
  • Travel Services
  • Virtual world credits
  • Pay to remove websites
  • Timeshare Advertising business
  • Fortune telling
  • Telemarketing
  • Drugs
  • Bail bonds
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Network Jamming and interference devices.

What Is The Challenge Associated With High-Risk Pay Merchant Account?

When a business merchant applies for a merchant account with a payment processor, the whole application gets verified with the processor for all types of risk associated. In case when the history of high chargebacks or other risky activities is found, you will be flag under the high-risk industry. That’s why to fulfil your business needs and process credit cards for your orders, you need to get a high-risk pay merchant account. But a merchant should always keep in mind that they should always go for a reputed and trustable merchant account service provider.
Quadrapay is one of the most trusted and reputed high-risk merchant account providers.

What Are The Benefits Of High-Risk Pay Merchant Account?

High-Risk Pay Merchant Account provides several benefits to a merchant. Some of the features that you will get from the high-risk merchant account offered by Quadrapay are:

  • International Exposure: With the help of a high-risk pay merchant account, you can easily do business across borders. There will be no restrictions for business with most of the countries under the contract. Having international exposure will help you to expand your business easily, and this will give you more profits with the help of a multi-currency merchant account solution. According to an analysis, the global retail market had already surpassed more than about 3.6 trillion dollars in 2019. And these numbers are increasing day by day.
  • Recurring Billing: A high-risk pay merchant account allows you to take the benefit of recurring billing service. This recurring facility also fascinates your business customers and thus can build a better and stronger relationship with your customers.
  • Chargebacks Prevention: Getting high chargeback is one of the biggest enemies of your business profits. We at Quadrapay knows how to deal with it. That’s why we provide our business merchants with a chargeback alerts facility.
  • Multi-Currency Payment Gateway: Our merchant account solution allows you with an integrated solution of payment gateway. Our payment gateway allows you to accept payments in multiple currencies and get them settled in your local currency. Our high-risk gateway is under the rules and regulations of the payment card industry and data security standard compliance. This assures you that all the sensitive credit cards information provided by your customers are protected under a secured environment.

You can get in touch with our team at [email protected] for a high-risk pay merchant account and obtain one of the best payment processing solutions for your business needs.

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