High Risk Payment Gateway For Tech Support In The UK

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High risk payment gateway for tech support in the UK


The UK has a large number computer users. These are home and business users. Many of the users are proficient in IT skills but few of them need assistance. In a situation like this, they need to get in touch with a UK Based Tech Support Company. A Remote PC Support company helps the computer users in resolving PC problems like

  • Slow Computer
  • Deep Virus Scan
  • Removal of Unwanted Programs
  • Fixing the Homepage Settings on the browser
  • Implementing Security Softwares
  • Help and Support with installation of new hardware
  • Operating System Error Fixations.

The UK IT Industry is growing at fast pace and the UK based PC support companies are offering great services to home and business customers.
These companies need a High-risk payment gateway for tech support in The United Kingdom. To establish their online market and grow further, these companies need debit/credit and echeck payment options for remote tech support business. The advantages of having a merchant account and availing these services are –

  1. Low Transaction Rates
  2. Faster Setup Time
  3. High Approvals
  4. Faster Payout
  5. Secure Processing Infrastructure
  6. High Approvals
  7. Low or Zero Setup Fee
  8. High-Quality Merchant Account
  9. Secure Payment Gateway with a Virtual Terminal.


Few Credit card Processors offer merchant accounts to Tech Support companies in the UK. The purpose of these Echeck and Card processing solutions for remote tech support is to conduct online business with ease. Not every merchant knows about these processors. These companies work with banks across Europe. Some of these merchant service providers also work with banks in Asia and Africa. They use aggregation which helps these providers to onboard high risk merchants.

The way it works is very simple. Companies that offer payment gateway for tech support in the UK onboard most business types. They prefer to load a massive percentage of High Volume merchants from Low and Mid Risk Businesses. They onboard only a small percentage of merchants from High Risk Vertices. This helps them to achieve a smaller chargeback ratio on the entire MID that they get from the acquiring bank.
It is not mandatory for the Remote support companies to have a bank account in the UK. They may be requested by the PSP to open an EU based dormant company. Opening a dormant company in the UK is not expensive. Most of the times it won’t cost more than few hundred dollars.

Most of the companies that offer merchant services recommend all High Risk Merchants to use Chargeback Notification and Alert Services. This helps the merchant to get a notification the moment cardholder calls the card issuer. This does not mean that the notification is in real time but it certainly comes in near the real-time window. The account holders can work with the cardholder to resolve any disputes. If it works they save on refund and chargebacks. If the customer is not understanding then the remote support company can start a refund or fight the chargeback case.
The Tech Support industry is massive but some service providers use wrong techniques to generate sales. These techniques are

  1. Spreading Popups on the internet
  2. Freezing Customers computers
  3. Using threat tactics to get money from computer users
  4. Over Charging the customer(Why someone will pay $1000 to fix a computer that is worth just $150)
  5. Making outbound calls to random numbers
  6. Selling Fake software or charging a price for a software that is available for free
  7. Representing themselves as a different company usually a well-known brand

“This Is Killing The Industry” We strongly discourage any of the above-mentioned activities. Smaller organizations should try to analyze how big brands work. It’s better to make small money but for a long time rather than taking top dollars and lose the merchant account in few days.

Businesses processing sales in the USA can also use the echeck payment gateway for tech support. Echeck is a revolutionary alternative payment mode for businesses with operations in the United States of America. Getting the approval for an echeck merchant account is a lot simpler than credit card processing.

Companies should take extreme care when it uses High risk merchant accounts. We strongly advise all UK based Tech Support businesses to use a chargeback Notification and alert service. Technical support companies can see a good drop in the chargeback to sales ratio. Please note there is no solution by the name of “no chargeback payment gateway for tech support“If the buyer is paying by card or echeck then the buyer can dispute the transaction in case if the service is not delivered.

Online payments processing is vital to any business. It helps you to speed up the cash flow. Once you get one use it wisely and create a perfect looking processing history. UK based tech support businesses also use alternative payment solutions bank transfer and Vouchers.

When applying for a High Risk Payment Gateway for Tech Support in the UK. The merchant must share all the KYC documents to the processor. Never manipulate or forge your documents. The Underwriters can pick up even the smallest of tricks.

You must have a tech support company website that clearly shows the plans with description. Do not copy the website of any other company. This can attract legal actions from the company that owns the website.
Payment gateway providers consider the tech support related industries as high risk as well. These industries are

  • SEO Companies
  • Web Design Companies
  • Internet Marketing Companies
  • Software Sales
  • SaaS
  • Web Hosting
  • Domain Sellers

This is because many PC Support companies have cheated the processors in the past. They did not show what they were selling. The result is simple all those industries are considered high risk now. Merchants from India need to take extra care in terms of KYC and Application. For few reasons, international processors prefer to check Indian applications more than those from other nations.

Merchant Account For Computer Store is still not a high risk account type as it is used by companies that sell tangible products. Most of the computer stores will have some kind of physical presence. We also help other business types like Ecig, Vapes and Webdesign companies in getting a Merchant Account.

Bankim Chandra
Bankim Chandra
Bankim Chandra is a Merchant Account consultant. He works with merchants globally and helps businesses in getting reliable payment processing solution. He writes extensively on the internet about Payment Gateways, Credit Card Processing, Echeck Processing, Chargeback Alerts, ACH and Business Funding.