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International Hotel Credit Card Processing

Hotels must offer smooth payment options to guests without disruptions and delays. Our solutions are already adding value to large hotels and resorts. QuadraPay brings to you International Hotel Credit Card Processing. Get credit card processing for Hotels, Motels, Resorts & Central Reservation Services. Our Acquiring partners have experience in the hotel payment industry. Let us understand critical factors related to hotel credit card processing. 

Guest Payment Behaviour Changing. You Need Advanced Hotel Merchant Services.

Guests tend to pay using credit and debit cards for hotel bookings. They may use Card Swiping, Tap and Pay, QR Code Scanning or IVR Payments to make the payments. They may make payments on Hotel Website, App or at the hotel reception desk.

You can gaze that now the guest payment behaviour has become unpredictable. You never know what payment method they will use, and you cannot afford to let go of the transaction. It would help if you had Omnichannel Hotel Merchant Service Solution.

So What Is The 2022 Omni Channel Hotel Credit Card Processing?

With Omnichannel payment solution, you can accept multi-mode payments via one acquirer. One acquiring institution provides you web, app and retail credit card payment solutions.

Technical Information About Hotel Credit Card Processing

The credit card payment industry classifies merchants as per MCC. It stands for merchant classification code. In the hotel industry, there are two types of MCCs. There are few reserved codes for hotel chains. The general MCCs are not specific to any hotel brands. It’s a similar case for the airline and car rental industry. Most airlines and car rental chains have predefined MCC. Here are a few general hotel merchant category codes for your reference.

7011 – Lodging – Hotels, Motels, Resorts, Central Reservation Services (Not Elsewhere Classified). MCC 7011 can include BNB, Restaurants, Hotels, Cabins, Cottages, Hostels & Inns.

Related MCCs.

MCC 7012 Timeshares

Insiders Tip For Low Fee Hotel Credit Card Processing Account.

The Covid19 Pandemic has harmed many industries like cruise, travel, hospitality, and hotels. It has affected hotel chains. Waves of covid and lockdown have resulted in the mass cancellation of travel plans. The hotel industry is still not back to normal. Hotels need to save on credit card processing fees in this challenging time. Here is the formula for the same.

Card Issuer Fee+Card Network Fee+Merchant Acquirer Fee – Others.

If you work with a direct hotel merchant acquiring institution, you pay less. Merchants must be aware that no one works for free, and most of the time, there is a scope of rate negotiation. We urge our merchants to negotiate with the acquiring institutions.

Hotel Booking Payment Gateway Application Process. 

The process appears simple, but many things happen behind the scene. Let’s look at the application Flow.

  • Share the filled application form with copies of KYC documents.
  • The underwriting team will check the document set and a few other things.
  • Post evaluation, the acquiring company decides if they want to make an offer or not.
  • You will get a merchant account agreement with a rate term sheet if they find you fit.
  • You review the agreement and sign it if you like.

(It is the time when you should negotiate on rates. Even a 1 BSP saving can result in thousands of dollars for a large organisation.) please keep in mind that few acquirers may have a strict rate policy and may not adjust it. Still, there is nothing wrong with trying.

  • After signing the hotel merchant account agreement, you will get integration information. In the case of retail credit card processing, you will get the terminal.

Merchant Service Products For Hotel Industry.

There are tons of payment processing solutions across the globe. Let’s discuss some of the solutions for your hotel business.

  • Online Credit Card Processing. To accept guests’ credit/debit card payments on apps & websites.
  • Retail Point-Of-Sales Terminal. Portable Merchant services are a must-have for any hotel, motel or resort business. The Point-of-sale device allows you to accept in-person card-present payments. The POS device comes with wifi and 3G to help you serve your customer better.
  • Virtual Terminal: With VT, you can enter a customer’s card details in MOTO mode. It is a high-risk mode Card Not Present Mode.

FAQ For Hotel Merchant Services

  • What is Hotel Credit Card Authorization Form?
    • A hotel credit card authorization form is used to take written permission from the guest. This form declares that the guest has given consent to debit the card for the stay. The form also clearly mentions the following. Guest Name, Arrival Date, Departure Date, Total Amount to be Charged, Type of Card, Name on Card, Card Number, EXP date, CVV and billing address., Cardholders signature and Terms acceptance.

The more you give comfort to your customers, the more likely they will visit you back. Get a hotel credit card processing account and enjoy the smooth onboarding.

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