Hotel Industry And Echeck Advantage

Hotel industry And Echeck Advantage – Quadrapay Analysis.

In the hospitality industry customers prefer to use credit and debit cards but what does a hotelier wants? What is the priority of the hotelier? In this detailed article we will understand how ACH, echeck, check21 and similar solutions can actually help businesses in the hospitality industry.

Why the hotel industry needs to adopt electronic check as the preferred mode of payment processing?

Most of the Credit Card processing companies are comfortable in on-boarding merchants from the hotel industry but they are choosy in making the selection. This means that every merchant from the hotel industry may not qualify for credit and debit card payments the primary reason is delayed delivery. In most of the hotel website customers book stays for future this is something which the card payment processing industry does not like and that is why most acquiring institutions may say no. Let’s look at the brighter side ACH also known as Automated Clearing House can provide a robust payment processing method to hotel owners. There are multiple advantages of using ACH. Merchants can easily get virtual terminal and API for one time and recurring payment facility on the website, email and also over the phone. Yes they can also accept Mail Order with ACH although most of the merchants do not use this option anymore.

The echeck solution works excellent for the hotel industry. The process of on-boarding and underwriting for electronic cheque or echeck is simple and easy. It starts by filling the online merchant account application. The merchant will also have to submit the KYC documents based on the form and the KYC documents the processing company will start the risk analysis they will look at various risk types like Credit Risk, Transaction Risk and Reputation risk to name a few.

As per our analysis the hotel applications for ACH/echeck merchant account most processing company will say yes. We have seen many approvals for this industry. To start your application for any for you hotel business send us an email on [email protected]. You can also fill the online merchant account application. We recommend you to be proactive in terms of following the instructions that are provided by our team that will assist you to find a reliable ach processing company for you.

Your customers can now book hotel with echeck. Yes that’s true online and over the phone. Join the Payment revolution the the hospitality industry.

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