Hotel Payment Processing Is Not Rocket Science! Grab It Now!

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Hotel Payment Processing Quadrapay

A Full Package Solution For Your Hotel Payment Processing Services

Payment processing is a fundamental term for revenue accounting for a hotel business. Nowadays, most of the guests tend to pay using digital payment methods like debit card payments, credit card payments, echeck services, e-wallets, ach payment processing for the hotel booking payments. If you are new to hotel payment processing, Quadrapay is always ready to assist you and help you to gain more profits with the help of our advanced payment processing which is easy and affordable to implement.

Why Should You Opt For Hotel Payment Processing?

It was a time when cash is the preferred payment method for every product or services you trade. And the cash payment processing was simple as you have to maintain the daily cash in the cash counter. But as the technology is upgraded to an advanced level, the new generation payment methods came into the market. And now these new payment methods are preferred by most of the customers in the market. Only a very less percentage of people prefer to go with cash payment. At the same time, rest all like to pay using debit cards, credit cards because it provides a complete record of transactions directly from the acquiring bank account and you don’t have to look for cash changes.
It’s not an easy task to manage all these days-to-day credit card processing that later on add up into millions of transactions.
Either a customer is booking through your online web portal or swiping the credit card on the point of sale terminal. Hotels that accept ach payment, all these transactions are settled with an interchange fee. These transactions are processed with a hotel payment processing company like quadrapay, which does all the funds settlement in your acquiring bank account in return of a very nominal markup fee.
These charges may vary depending upon the card provider and bank that issued it for you. There are a lot of different payment processors available in the market that charge high markup fees for their processing services, and these charges may resist your profits. Don’t worry! Quadrapay has a team of experts in the industry of best travel merchant accounts services and credit card processing. We charge very nominal fees for the hotel payment processing.

What’s The Difference Between A Merchant Account or A Payment Gateway

There are a lot of queries that come regarding the several methods available for a small business like a restaurant or hotel business to implement hotel payment processing.
A business can opt for the service, which is best suitable according to their business environment, accounting and financial services.

  • Payment Gateway: The payment gateway is a middleman between your hotel and the card provider company, and thus the gateway provides you with the facility to accept credit card payments. For example, when a customer books a room through your online website, they require a secure environment where they can provide credit card sensitive information. The payment gateway offers that secured environment with the help of PCI DSS compliance regulations. This payment gateway will communicate with the acquiring bank for approval of the transaction. After the funds being transferred and successful validation of the transaction, the payment gateway redirects the customer back to your site with receipt of payment.
  • Merchant Account: After the successful completion of a transaction. Funds are either settled into the merchants acquiring bank account or to the merchant account. For a hotel payment processing, it is advisable to have a merchant account for your hotel from an industry expert processor like one provided by Quadrapay. This merchant account acts as a holding zone for all the transactions you receive for your business. So that if you don’t have to face difficulties while in the cases of any refunds. All the payments stored in the holding zone aka merchant account can be transferred to your domestic bank account in monthly bulk on a regular schedule as you prefer.

What Are The Advantages Of Implementing Hotel Payment Processing With Quadrapay?

Quadrapay is an industry expert and knows how to make a business more profitable with the help of efficient and straightforward payment processing techniques to save more money while fulfilling the transactions at affordable rates. We accept several modes of payment for the hotel payment processing, which includes hotel credit card processing, debit card payments, ach debits, online payment and even with cryptocurrency methods with our bitcoin payment merchant account solution. Also keeping your hotel guests safe from frauds and gain more trust with our payment card industry and data security standard compliance enabled gateways. We provide the best hotel payment processing solution that suits your business.
We are available with 24*7 customer support and service, for any query you can contact us at [email protected].

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