How To Sell Merchant Cash Advance

Easily Sell Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant cash advance is a cash advance offered to merchants that have got an existing processing statement for at least 6 months. The business must be active for at least one year time.

This is a great product and can be used by most of the business owners. Every business looks forward to expanding in terms of size and revenue generation. Merchant cash advance can help businesses open new branches and also purchase new equipment to enhance their production capabilities.

To sell merchant cash advance one must look at couple of factors

  1. You should only target those businesses that are already processing with a US based payment processor.
  2. It will be great if you target those merchants who are using payment gateway for high risk business in usa. These merchants usually process over $25000 per month in online sales.
  3. The business should be processing at least $20,000 in sales every month by using Credit Card processing machines.

It would be great if the credit score of the individual who runs the business is moderate. The better the credit score the better the chances of approval.

To sell merchant cash advance you can follow these steps. If followed correctly you can see a number of applications coming in so that you can generate more sales and make more Commissions.

  • Update your website with maximum information about Merchant Cash Advance
  • Visit different forums online and answer questions related to Merchant Cash Advance
  • Advertise aggressively on different classified posting websites.
  • Take active participation in question and answer website and share your views on the topics related to merchant cash advance
  • Create small videos and post it on video sharing platforms like YouTube and Vimeo
  • Record audio and place it on different podcasting platforms
  • Try to visit your neighborhood Store an offer merchant cash advance. Most of the departmental stores and brick and mortar stores require merchant cash advance.
  • Ask for references from your existing Merchants.
  • Ask your merchants to share your Facebook page to friends
  • Ask your client to leave a review on your Google my business page

Before you sell merchant cash advance be hundred percent confident about your product. You should also study all the fundamental and the features of the merchant cash advance product. When you visit the store and try to pitch the product then your knowledge will help you.

While selling merchant cash advance always look at a long-term perspective, if you have the capability of adding few basis points then do so but do not overcharge. Your future references from the merchant depend a lot on their experience of the service.

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