Improve the Chances of Getting an eCommerce Merchant Account

Improve The Chances Of Getting An eCommerce Merchant Account For Your Business.

E-commerce has got a massive market. The market is enormous. You can sell your products and services across your country and also in other countries. The market is vast, but competition is too intense. To stay ahead in the game and to sell your products to a maximum number of customers you should implement essential elements in your business.

Fix Your Brand Reputation.

I would suggest you check Reserve all the handles on different social media websites with your brand name. It is a great tool. It does not cost any money. You can visit, and by putting your brand name, it will automatically tell you on what website your brand name is available. It will let you know whether it is available on twitter, facebook, google plus, etc. It will scan entire internet & give availability of your brand handle on different social media websites.

Update your product with the detailed descriptions. Put the right set of images. As a merchant services consultancy, we get many merchant account applications. Sometimes when we check few websites, we realize that the product description is not precise. So to create a significant impact in the minds of underwriters you should ensure that the product description is ideally placed on your website. Along with that, you should put high-resolution images on your site. It creates a perfect picture in the mind of the buyers.

Your Website Should Be A Subject Matter Expert.

The reason why I say this is because when underwriters look at your website they are not only looking at product details but they are also looking at how visionary you are. Go ahead and talk about different aspects of products on your blog. Write about industry trends, news and latest innovation. It will help the underwriters understand that you are a serious business owner & you are sincerely looking forward to creating your brand a globally or internationally recognized brand.

Generate A Great Relationship With Your Customers Base.

Customers can be the best advertisers for your business. Implement better customer services practices in your company. Make sure your customer service team interacts with your customers, resolves the issues on the first call. Try to implement some survey so that you can understand what challenges your customers faced with your products & services.

Generate Domain Authority By Creating Viral Content.

We are a merchant account consultant. We help merchants across the globe to find reliable payment processing solution. We also understand search engine optimization & social media marketing. I suggest you create relevant content & try to make the content go viral on the internet. Rather than mentioning titles of the page like a “The best places to travel in Africa” mention “most astonishing locations in Africa” or something like that. That goes viral. When people look at the title, they should read the entire article. If you create viral content and if it goes viral on google or different search engine then it will help you get massive domain authority for your website.

Update Products & Services With Detailed And High-Resolution Images.

When I say high-resolution images, it doesn’t mean large images. Make sure that the pictures are clear and compressed. Images should not eat a lot of bandwidth because if your website takes a lot of time to load, Google may not rank your site.

Focus On Responsiveness.

We all use mobile phones these days & most of the traffic is from mobile devices. So if your site is not responsive, then you probably are losing a lot of traffic. So make sure your website is responsive.

Advertise If Possible.

Although advertisement would cost you money, if you do it with a little bit of research by focusing on correct keywords, then it may help you in generating right traffic. If you advertise, then you may have to look at multiple factors. I suggest you take help of a consultant in setting up your advertising campaign on google or bing & any other search engine.

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