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Best Payment Gateway In Indonesia. Indonesia Payment Gateway By Quadrapay

Nowadays, payment gateways play an essential role in the growth of any economy. These payment channels affect the growth of global businesses and enhance the sales figure. Indonesian companies sell products and services online to international customers and generate huge revenue. In Indonesia, Travel companies process enormous sales volume as they offer various tour packages to international travellers. Global customers make payments for these services through different payment methods. Quadrapay is proud to assist online businesses in finding the best payment gateways and merchant accounts in Indonesia. Quadrapay is a merchant service reseller company that works with many PSP’s and companies that provide echeck services. These payment service providers offer multiple payment options for international payment processing. Recommended processors from Quadrapay are fully PCI DSS Compliant and provide a dual level of fraud protection. Quadrapay believes in ensuring high-quality service.

Which Is The Best Payment Gateway In Indonesia?

Many reputed companies provide online payment gateways to businesses in Indonesia. Quadrapay assist global merchants and also suggest the best payment processors for their online market. Quadrapay is not only a merchant service re-seller company but is also a merchant account consultancy. The team at Quadrapay can let the merchant know about the pricing structure of different PSP’s and their compliance requirements. The pricing structure and compliance’s can help entrepreneurs in choosing the right payment processing company. Business owners can undoubtedly contact us at [email protected] if they need any information regarding international merchant services. Merchants should also look at these factors to find the best Indonesian payment gateway.

Pricing Structure

The pricing structure varies depending upon the features of the payment gateway and the risk profile of the merchants. High-risk merchants could have to pay a slightly higher transaction fee and other gateway charges. Apart from high-risk merchants, low and mid-risk business owners have to pay marginally lower MDR. The processing company offers exact pricing after the underwriting or sometimes within the underwriting process.

Integration Assistance

The payment gateway integration process is most important for any e-commerce website. The merchant will not be able to accept credit card payments until the payment gateway is not connected to the merchant’s site. Merchants should ask processors for the integration assistance after signing up merchant account agreement.

Multi-Currencies Payment Processing

If merchants have buyers from different nations, then payment gateway should have the feature of multi-currency processing. Global customers prefer to make payments in their local currencies. Merchants should contact payment processors for multi-currencies payment processing. They will help you in providing multi currencies payment processing options.

Transaction Information Security

While choosing a PSP’s, merchants should ensure that the processor should be fully PCI DSS Compliant.

Quadrapay Benefits

  • Quadrapay does not charge any upfront setup fee in finding reliable payment processing option. However, sometimes the PSP’s charge setup fee.
  • The team at Quadrapay understands the business model of business owners then suggest best payment service provider for the global transaction.
  • We immediately work on the merchant’s application that results in fast approval of merchant account.
  • The team at Quadrapay are very transparent in the pricing structure. Most of the time, the processors send the pricing structure to merchants.

Get a merchant account and payment gateway in Indonesia for domestic and international sales; Please send us an email at [email protected]

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